Are you letting other people affect your energy?

Have you ever walked into a room with people and noticed you began to “feel” a little strange? 

You may have felt great before you walked in, but then you begin to “feel” anxious and uncomfortable.

That is how easily we can be affected by the energy that is around us.

If we do not realize what is happening or that we can even control it, it will continually happen to us. All the time, day after day.

If you continue to let that happen it can lead to emotional eating, feeling helpless, self-sabotage, stress eating and not taking care of ourselves at all.

In the past (when growing up) I had a lot of negative energy. I used to let pretty much everything and everyone affect my mood and therefore my life!

It has taken me years to finally realize that it is my responsibility to make sure my energy is “clean” – that is what I call it.

I can choose to feel joy and ease in my day and not over-react. Things can happen around me and I do not need to let it get to me.

This takes practice but that is what I do. Every single day.

Know that you can gain control over how you react to things.

You can also really true to feel more joy and happiness every single day! No matter what!

In all my programs I cover this part because it does affect every aspect of your life.

Wishing you,

Health & Happiness!

With Love,

Diana Marchand