I wish I would have had this back then…

I remember the frustration.

I remember not understanding what I was going through.

I remember not knowing who to talk to.

I felt really lost. So lost. 

And I also felt – ALONE.

I was only about 43.

I was feeling tired, exhausted, having strange symptoms and I was wondering if I was going crazy!

I had no one to talk to.

YouTube was really new and Facebook was not around.

I knew my body was changing.

I wasn't feeling good.


I had bad digestive problems, memory problems, bloating, headaches, emotional ups and downs and a lot of stress and overwhelm and even anxiety.

It sucked.

I went to Chapters and I looked for books about women's health and hormones.

I found Dr Christiane Northrup's books. I bought them and I began to read.

I then went to books by Suzanne Sommers – she has written a lot of books (along with her doctors) on women's hormonal changes and on anti-aging.

It was so eye-opening! This is what I was going through!

I read all the time. I studied, I researched. I wanted to find out everything.

I needed to know why I was going through this and what I could do.

Then I began to gain weight.


And…I could NOT get rid of it!

I was on a mission to learn more.

I then began to learn more about food and nutrition.

More and more books.

I read about different ways of eating.

I began to change things because I was determined to change the way I was feeling and I badly wanted to get rid of the belly fat!

I tried new things. I changed the way I ate many times.

It was a crazy time but I was so determined to STOP the weight gain and feel better.

I WAS ALSO VERY COMMITTED to helping my clients (I was personal trainer and yoga instructor).

With each change and with all the learning I began to feel better and better. 

I had way more energy and I had lost weight.

Quite a lot of weight.

I lost weight at an age when women

continue to gain it.


It became my passion.

I LOVE learning and finding answers and solutions and my PASSION is to share what I have learned.

I ONLY WISH I would have had someone to turn to and guide me when I was going through it.

I have a lot to share and over the years I have seen how it has changed the lives of women.


What are you going through right now?

You do NOT have to go through this alone and you CAN begin to feel so much better.

It doesn't have to take YOU years.

NO WAY! It can happen so, so fast!

I have helped hundreds of women through this phase and I have witnessed amazing and fast changes. 

Weight loss, more energy, no more cravings, more youthful skin, no more confusion, greatly decreasing stress, better digestion, understanding what is going on in their body and KNOWING WHAT TO DO!

In my programs we work on mind/body/spirit – because health is WHOLISTIC.


I talk more about this in a video I recorded for you (above).


If you wish to speak to me to see if this program is for you –

HIT REPLY and let me know and we can set up a time to talk.

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