Important to consider about losing weight in midlife

Want to lose menopause weight?  What is the most important thing to consider when wanting to lose weight in menopause?

I asked a question in my free Facebook Community – “Women Creating Healthy Lives” about what they believe is the most important factor in losing weight in midlife.

Some examples I put were: the food, exercise, mindset knowing what you eat.

I got some great responses and I thought I would do a video explaining what I have realized after going through this myself as well as helping hundreds of women lose weight during this phase of life.


“What used to work, doesn't work anymore.”

It is not impossible and it does not have to be hard or a year long struggle!

My clients get results within weeks! 

Once you are on the right track for YOU, things can change pretty fast!

Reach out to me if you desire to finally get results. I am here for you.

Much love to you,

Diana Marchand