What is happening to my body?
Why does what used to work, not work anymore?

I don't get it!

Your body is changing.

You don’t really feel like yourself anymore.

You've gained weight (mostly in the belly)

You don’t know what to think and you don't know what to.

Your pants are tight

You feel uncomfortable

You are bloated and feel just “blah”

You don't have energy like you once did and you might not be sleeping well which makes it worse.

You feel stressed and your emotions are sometimes extreme.

You are fine one moment, then crying the next.

You may have anxiety and not sure how to handle it.

(That is what I dealt with and didn’t know what to do).

You may have digestive problems, headaches, crazy cravings and memory problems.

At times, you feel like you are going crazy.

No one seems to understand.

You feel so alone!

Nothing you have tried has worked.

You feel lost.

You feel frustrated.

You are confused and do not know who or what to believe.

You feel stuck.

What if nothing works?

What if you keep gaining weight?

What if you don’t get your energy back?

What if you don’t feel good again!!

What if this is as good as it gets?

I want you to know that…




I know this from my experience and I know this because my clients HAVE experienced these changes.

Even when you feel it may not be possible for you and even if you think you have tried everything – YOU HAVEN’T.

The great thing is, there are things you CAN do.

When you get on the RIGHT track and do things that are RIGHT for you during this phase of life, you notice results FAST!

Seem hard to believe?

It's true.

I have helped hundreds of women have more energy, lose the weight, end the bloating, stop the cravings, greatly improve their health, bring their body back into better balance and feel more ease, calm and joy each day.

I understand what it is like to have your doctor tell you that nothing is wrong and that you are too young for menopause.

I know what it is like for them to push synthetic hormones (HRT) or anti-depressants.

I know what it is like when they have no other answers for you.

You just want someone to tell you what to do!

I get it. I have been there and I totally understand what it is like.

No matter what phase you are in (perimenopause, menopause or post-menopause) if you are not feeling good – emotionally or physical – something is not right!

YOU know when your body is out of balance.

What used to work, doesn’t work anymore.

What you used to be able to eat and how you used to exercise – NEEDS TO CHANGE.

These changes DO NOT have to be hard.

You just have to know what changes to make. That is what I help you with. 

It is not about giving up everything you love.

It is not about only eating small meals.

It is not about exercising until you pass out.

It is not about counting calories and weighing food.

It IS about living your life and feeling amazing!

It IS about living your life in a way that feels good for you.

It IS about loving your life, loving yourself and loving your body.



A NEW intimate, 90 Day Program 

Created to help you to finally get on the RIGHT track to living with vibrant energy & health, lose the stubborn weight and bring your body back into better balance. 

My intention is to help you learn the RIGHT way of eating and exercise for YOUR body so that you know exactly what to do and end the confusion, frustration and overwhelm and finally get results fast!

I am sharing the BEST of all my years of studying, growth, experience, tools and techniques that helped me lose the weight (in perimenopause) and get down to a weight I was in my 20's, kept it off, have sustained energy all day and feel vibrant and healthy.

This program IS different and you WILL be different after it (in a very good way).

In this 90-day program you will get a lot of individualized and customized attention and guidance. You can have complete confidence that the changes you will be making WILL benefit you, because it is designed just for YOU. This is NOT a cookie-cutter program.

I will guide you with kindness, expertise and specialised knowledge so they YOU CAN achieve your goals.  Through the personalized attention you will feel heard and appreciated. 

This isn’t one of those programs where you sign up for a three-month program and you jump on to this recorded, often repeated and out of date webinar.  

All the knowledge and experience that I have IS unique.  I specialize in women going through the midlife and beyond.

I have been a personal trainer, yoga instructor, post rehab conditioning specialist, raw food chef & instructor, specialize in recipe formulation (gluten & dairy-free), studied nutrition and hormones relating to midlife women and I a incredible at helping you master your mindset.

I am passionate about helping women feel empowered with their health and life!

About this program:

  • Making peace with yourself and your pastAccepting where you are now and understanding what is going on in your body and where to start. This is a start of a new chapter for you. Start your day the healthy way with nourishing drinks and foods to boost immune system, give you more energy, decrease cravings, improve digestion, lose weight and decrease inflammation. Morning practices and rituals that help you feel more calm, peace and joy during the day.
  • How to “start your day the healthy way” information, recipes for drinks and foods that make it easy to incorporate more healthy nutrients in your day, have sustained energy, decrease cravings and not feel deprived. Practices that promote a state of calm and focus. Start your day with more joy and less stress.
  • Clarity on what isn’t working for you and start implementing the RIGHT foods for this phase of life. Clean and clear your cupboards, pantry and fridge and stock them so that healthy eating each day is easy. How to add super-foods and super powders to your day that instantly boost the nutrition your body requires and begin to notice improved energy, digestion, less cravings while feeling completely satisfied and not deprived at all!
  • Reframe how you think about food and meals and end the confusion about what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. No calorie counting, measuring food or weighing food. You will learn to tap into your body’s wisdom to know what is best for it which takes the guess-work out and you feel more confident around your choices.
  • Food prep, planning tips and structure that fits your life making it easy to eat healthy all week.
  • Implement new healthy habits so that you stay on track and stop the on-again-off again. Get real about what needs to change to incorporate these habits and how you are going to do that. Commit to you and your desires, connect deeply to your why and begin to live in alignment with your goals and values.
  • Stress reduction techniques and practices that are easy, quick and greatly decrease stress, anxiety, fear, worry and leave you feeling more joy, peace and calm throughout your day. These also help you have a more restful sleep.
  • Mindset exercises to uncover the patterns, habits and limiting beliefs that lead you to sabotage over and over again. Discover the reasons for your emotional and stress eating and how to stop and rewire the pattern without going into an emotional downward spiral. Journaling practices that keep you motivated, inspired and excited about this journey.
  • Exercise that is right for this phase of life because it is not the same as when you were in your 20’s, 30’s and early 40’s. What exercise is right for YOU according to what midlife phase you are in and what your life is like. Get this right and see results happen faster.

Each woman is different so you get to design YOUR life (with guidance, help and support) and practice living this new healthy lifestyle in a way that works for YOU. This is when it gets so much easier. It becomes just the way you live your life and that feels really good.

How this program works:

  • Each week we will have a group ZOOM video call. This is when I speak to you personally and can help you with anything that comes up. I will stay on and answer everyone's questions and assist in anyway I can.
  • There will also be a private FB group where each day you will be posting pictures of your meals and drinks and that way I can help you adjust things so you find what works for you. You will be finding out what foods work for you throughout this 90 day program. Each woman is different.
  • During the week I will be doing a couple live FB videos on various stress reduction modalities and of course, mindset.
  • You will receive a TON of delicious, nutritious recipes that nourish your body right down to the cellular level.
  • Handouts on prepping and planning, how to think about meals, mindset practices, journaling, superfoods and super powders and anything that will help you.
  • We start the program on Monday, February 15th.


If you get to this part and you decide to wait for another program, or look around for a cheaper program or ask your husband if you can take this program. I just want you to know that your husband probably doesn't understand this. He may think this is crazy and that you can get all the information you need from watching YouTube videos and reading any of the thousands of health and weight-loss books. But if that was true, thousands of women would NOT be searching for a solution, and either would you.

I want you to stop right here and FEEL that for a moment.

He won't understand. Your kids probably won't understand. Your mother may not understand.

THAT IS OK. They don't have to. YOU DO.

STOP waiting for permission from “other” people to FINALLY take care of YOU!

Health is EVERYTHING and you are responsible for YOUR health.

This is NOT just about weight loss.

You also know that you cannot do this all on your own (especially surrounded by people who don't get it. 

Some results you can expect:

  • More energy (sustained energy all day)
  • End the crazy cravings
  • Stop the bloating and digestive problems
  • Sleep better
  • Stop the weight gain & lose the stubborn belly fat
  • Greatly reduce stress
  • Boost your immune system
  • Less puffiness and water retention
  • Decrease in hot flashes and other symptoms
  • Less aches and pains
  • Youthful, glowing skin
  • Clothes will fit better
  • Feel more confident and sure of yourself
  • Understand what is going on in your body and learn to work with it, not against it
  • Learn what foods to eat now during this phase of life 
  • Learn the right type of exercise for this phase of life
  • Learn how to easily incorporate highly nutritious foods into your day
  • How to prepare fast, simple meals
  • How to design your days and the way you live your life so that habits and foods fit into YOUR life in a way that feels right for you
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Eating and living to better balance your body
  • Getting clear on your vision and finding your inner motivation and inspiration
  • Decreased anxiety and feel more calm and peace each day

You will not be doing this alone. 
You will have guidance, support & accountability.

You will be part of a small group of women who know what you are going through and understand.

Community, connection and a safe environment.

Like I mentioned above this is a group where you will get a lot of interaction and personal guidance from me.

If you have questions and wish to speak to me (NO obligation or cost) to find out if this is the right program for you, feel free to e-mail me at and we will set up a tie to talk.

Let's get you started and working towards a healthier more vibrant you!

Be a part of this AMAZING transformational program

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