Is it possible to have more time for you & NOT feel depleted

I was visiting the other end of the beach here in Sanur Bali and was so inspired to share this message because it is one that I am so passionate about. 

I really am. 

Over the years of working with women I have heard so many cases of women feeling so tired and exhausted, have gained weight, have no motivation anymore and “no time for themselves”.

This is not a good place to be.

Even if you are not feeling exhausted, you probably have some of the mid-life symptoms and issues that are happening or have happened. You are changing. 

You can feel more stressed (even if your life hasn't changed much), you may feel you want to spend more time on your own.

I also rarely hear a woman say she has lots of time for her!

The thing is, having time for YOU is crucial.

One thing I know for SURE – it will NOT automatically get better.


If you can't stop the weight gain now, it will KEEP PACKING ON.


If you feel tired, lack energy, focus and motivation – that WILL only get worse.

If you have NO time for you now and haven't for years, that probably WILL NOT change.


The thing is….

You CAN change those things.

You CAN make shifts and you can begin now.

But if you don't start – NOTHING will change and it will probably get worse.


Like I said this is NOT to scare you.

I am saying these things to WAKE YOU UP!


Because YOU matter.

You ARE worth it.

You ARE loved by a lot of people and they want you to be healthy.


It's time you begin to become conscious in your life and

work towards what YOU desire.

Do it for YOU.

I have a fantastic opportunity for you to do just that.

My NEW amazing 21 Day Program:

Consciously Creating the Body & Life you Love”

It's time you START to take part in creating YOUR life and stop letting other people, circumstances and drama create your life.

Time will pass no matter what.

You can begin to make things better or leave that to fate and the slow decline that often happens as people age. (I know, I do not like thinking about getting older either, it sucks, but I DO desire to feel as best as I can and live in the best way I can).

It is up to YOU.

No one can do it for you.

Isn't it time to feel

Empowered instead of powerless!

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Wishing you,

Health & Happiness!

With Love,