The power of Super Foods & Super Powders

Being here in Bali has made me appreciate what I had access to in Canada. 
More than I every would have thought.

I packed really light when I came here. That was my intention. To travel light and be very portable.

I wasn't sure what they had here and what they didn't. I packed some supplements but couldn't possibly pack enough for 6 whole months! 

I got here and soon noticed – YIKES! I should have brought more.

I should have packed 1 FULL suitcase of supplements and my super powders.

I have been here since July and I can tell you – WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE not having the amazing nutrition that I used to have in Canada.

I felt my health go downhill. My energy levels, my digestive problems, my food sensitivities heightened (so sensitive to SO MANY THINGS HERE!).

That makes it really hard for me to eat. 

I was losing weight. I was not getting enough nutrition.

I was tired and feeling just “blah”.

That is why I was so passionate about sharing this message about how amazing the super foods and super powders are and more information about them.

So watch the above video and GET SOME SUPER FOODS AND SUPER POWDERS!!

NOTE: Since this video I have travelled to Kuala Lumpur (for a Visa run) and was able to pick up some supplements and some green powders. I am feeling SOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!

Again – just proof at how important getting EXTRA nutrition is. We just cannot get enough from our food. And most people, do NOT eat enough of the organic, super healthy food. Truth!


Wishing you,

Health & Happiness!

With Love,


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Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or eat meat. 

All my recipes are gluten and dairy free though. 

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