Snacking on junk at night, eating when bored & emotional

Do you find yourself snacking at night on the "bad stuff"?

Maybe you also find yourself bored or restless in the evening and that is when you can't help snacking!

What about when you are stressed or emotional? Do you find yourself grabbing the junky, comfy carb foods or sweet things that you know you should not eat?

You can eat so well during the day and then the evening comes and it is like something takes you over.

You promise yourself you won't do it again, but you do. Over and over again.

What is up?

Do you also wonder what an actual "healthy snack" is? Especially during midlife.

I can tell you for sure that many women I talk to have the completely WRONG idea about snacks and actually EAT SNACKS THAT CAUSE MORE WEIGHT GAIN! Even if they seem "healthy".

Today I have a couple things for YOU that are going to help you understand WHY you do this, give you ways to STOP IT and an E-BOOK OF RECIPES full of amazing, delicious SNACKS! 

Watch the video below where I explain a bit about this pattern that you are stuck in.

BELOW THE VIDEO you can find out how to access the Video Trainings and recipe e-book of Healthy Snacks for Midlife  that WON'T cause weight gain, will help you feel energized instead of tired and heavy.


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