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What happens when you begin to bring your body into better balance?

Your energy greatly increases

You begin to release the excess weight

You feel less stress & anxiety

You have more clarity & focus

You move towards vibrant Health

You experience more peace, calm & joy in your life.

All this cannot happen unless you focus on taking care of your body, mind and spirit.

That is what truly brings your body into better balance.

How does your body get out of balance?

  • Consistent stress
  • Trauma or a really stressful situation
  • Medications
  • Synthetic hormones
  • Toxins from food & the environment
  • Fearful & negative thoughts & emotions
  • Low self-love & worth
  • Worry & stress
  • Too much exercise
  • The wrong kinds of foods (acidic foods, junk foods, gluten products, sugar
  • Injuries
  • Lack of movement
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Resistance and frustration with the way your life is now
  • Unhappy with your job, relationship and/or life
  • It's time to let go of the stress and struggle.
  • It is time to learn to move through the resistance.
  • It's time to stop the sabotage, on-again off-again and learn what it takes to consistently and easily stay on track!
  • It's time to begin to truly love yourself and know that you are worthy (this is truly the key to it all)
  • It's time to get clear on your “why” and your vision for your life. This is what continually pulls you towards what you desire. You continue to stay inspired.
  • It's time to start eating in a way that feeds and fuels you so that you have more energy, feel vibrant & healthy and bring your whole body back into better balance. 
  • It's time to put yourself as a priority and gain better control of your weight, emotions and your life!

A 30 day journey – body / mind / spirit

Eat foods that boost energy, end the cravings, better balance your hormones, decrease inflammation and help your body release the extra weight.

Doing a “Hormone Reset” for 21 days of the program (it is easy, but so powerful!)

Practices that help decrease stress, anxiety and overwhelm, ditch the negative self talk, work through resistance and stop the sabotage?

Full acceptance of who you are and your life right now. Connecting to your true life vision and values. Living from a space of self-love, acceptance, connection to spirit and in alignment with your values.

Midlife is about Transformation!

You are not the same. Your body is not the same.Your hormone levels are changing fast and really always.

As well as all the physical symptoms and changes in midlife (and beyond) there are many, many emotional ones.

This requires you to MAKE A SHIFT.

Midlife change is calling you to change!

In this program we are going through a process to “RESET” various hormones so that your body can come back into better balance.

We will be “resetting” specific hormones that contribute to weight gain (in the belly), inability to lose weight, stress, cravings, emotional ups and downs, to name a few.

“Your personality becomes your personal reality. You cannot build a new reality with the same personality.”

Joe Dispenza

It is frustrating when you know what you “should” be doing but you are not.

You resist. You don’t start. You start then you stop.

It seems too hard. You say to yourself “What is the point, you are not losing weight any ways?”


You have gained the weight. You can’t seem to lose it. You feel stressed.

Are you feeling heavy, bloated, tired (even exhausted), foggy brain, crazy cravings,  sluggish, hot flashes, lethargic or congested?

Are you ready to feel energized?

“Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it.
Learn from it. Nourish it.

Watch your life transform and be healthy.

Bella Bleue

As a result of my coaching and programs you learn how simple it can be to lose the stubborn weight, boost energy, eat to better balance your body & experience more clarity, focus & peace in your day.

Shift patterns, behaviours and habits that have kept you stuck and finally get lasting results!

Learn to work through emotional eating, self sabotage, resistance

Develop a mindset for success and staying on track

It's YOUR turn. It's Your time.

Go from feeling powerless to empowered!

When you commit. When you make the decision and get clear and then take action and becomes the person who IS living a healthy lifestyle and loving it EVERYTHING CHANGES.

Powerful shifts and results happen.

By aligning our mind with the love in our heart, we bring balance into our lives.

Harold W. Becker

What we will cover in the program:

  • The crucial hormones that are affected by stress and how they too throw your body off balance
  • “Hormone Reset” process. A process that helps your body reset and better balance your hormones in order to get you out of the weight gain and stress cycles.
  • Opening up more time for you to do what brings you joy.
  • Acceptance of who you are now. Fully loving yourself and feeling worthy. 
  • Letting go of people pleasing and setting powerful loving boundaries that feel good to you.
  • Practices that promote more peace and calm.
  • Develop a clear “vision” for your life. Feel more in control of your life and good about the direction you are going.
  • Stress reduction tools, techniques and practices that neurologically help your body decrease stress.
  • Develop a self-care practice that fits into your life and suits you.
  • Daily inspiration and encouragement from me.
  • List of supplements, herbs, super powders, super foods that help support your body and decrease stress.
  • Eat foods that contribute to brain health, balance your hormones, blood sugar levels and moods.
  • Guided meditations and positive affirming statements (audios)
  • Discover and explore what has been holding you back from getting results and your desires.
  • Get clear on what you desire and take daily actions that lead you towards your goals/desires.
  • Be part of an amazing, supportive group of women that encourage and support each other. (This is the private FB Community that the program will be held in).

How the program works:

This is a group program done in a private Facebook Community for the program.

I will be doing 2 live coaching/training videos  each week that will have a specific topic and lots of time for Q&A.

(These videos are always saved within the FB group for you to watch when you can.)

I will have an audio for you to listen to on the weekend. (Replay saved in the group also)

The program will start on Monday, September 28th. Pre-work starts in the group Wednesday, September 23rd

All handouts will be e-mailed to you so that you can download and save them to your computer so you will always have them.

The live videos will take place in the Facebook Group and will be saved in that group so you can watch them at any time. You will always have access to this group and the content.


My Program: Screw Resistance – you can't stop me anymore”

The Screw Resistance Program helps you over come resistance, get back on track and stay on track.

You take back power of your life and start creating the body and live you love!

CLICK HERE to read more about the program.

This is a self-study program that will be delivered to you through e-mail and you will get links to a web page where the video trainings and worksheets are.

You will always have access to this information.

Body, Mind, Soul Reset

Starts – Monday, September 28, 2020

NOTE: Pre-work will begin Saturday, Sept 26

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