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14 days of foods for vibrant energy health and weight loss in midlife

Cleanse, Reboot, Recharge and Break Through the Plateau

It’s time to ditch the old and bring in the new!

Time to eat more light, fresh foods and cleanse your body of the junk that has built up.

Are you feeling heavy, bloated, tired (even exhausted), foggy brain, crazy cravings,  sluggish, hot flashes, lethargic or congested?

Have you gained weight that you can’t get rid of?

It is time to GO to the next level.

14 days to reboot and recharge!

Eat foods that boost energy, end the cravings, better balance your hormones, decrease inflammation and help your body release the extra weight.

Results from taking this program:

  • More energy
  • Sustained energy throughout the day
  • No more bloating and puffiness
  • Your crazy cravings will be gone
  • Your skin will be glowing and youthful
  • Your clothes will fit better
  • You begin to release the excess weight
  • Your symptoms will decrease 
  • Digestive problems will be greatly decreased or gone
  • You will have better focus and concentration
  • Your sleep will be more restful
  • Your moods will be better balanced
  • Inflammation will be decreased

Does this sound good to you?   I bet it does and it is totally possible!

Did you know that toxins are stored in the tissues of your body and mainly in FAT?

That is why often people cannot get rid of that last few pounds.

That is also why when you start a really clean eating program like this you can lose 5 pounds in 1 week!

By not consuming as many toxins, you tell your body that it does not need the “extra fat” to store the toxins in anymore.

You body can then release the excess fat along with the toxins.

This is a good thing and it is important to remember that eating clean (foods that are not packaged, preserved and processed) helps your body stay “clean” and able to then continue to naturally detoxify on an on-going basis. 

Yes, we get a lot of toxins from many things other than foods too, but you will become aware of these also during this program.

Your body has the power to regenerate, rejuvenate and heal if you let it and if you fuel and feed it with the nutrients it requires to do so.

As well as treating your body, mind and spirit with love and respect.

The time is NOW!

YES you can put this off, but why?

Life is always happening. There are always things going on. You can continue to say you will do it later or “the next time” or whatever other excuses you can come up with.

But how long are you going to continue doing that?

Stop waiting. Stop procrastinating. Stop putting yourself last.

START doing what you can to get the results you want!

And if you are saying to yourself “well, what if I don’t get results?”….

I will tell you right now – you WILL NOT get results if you don’t do anything.

AND…. by eating really healthy for 2 weeks – YOU WILL GET RESULTS. Think about it.

How This Program Will Work

You will receive:

  • Recipes for the full 2 weeks
  • Meal plans
  • How to stock your kitchen, pantry & cupboards handout
  • How to prep & plan your meals handouts
  • Recipe videos
  • List of high nutrient dense foods handout
  • List of foods to eat more of and foods to greatly decrease or get rid of handout
  • List of Super Powders and their benefits handout
  • There is a 2 day smoothie cleanse included in this program, if you wish to follow that (it’s optional)
  • All the information is set up on 2 webpages for you to access at any time. You will always have access to this information.
  • I have also included 2 LIVE Q&A videos that I did when I held this program live in a private FB group. These contain a lot of great information and answers to the questions that were asked by the members who did this program.


Video Training on eating when stressed and emotional &

a check list on how to stay on tract after finishing this program.

I have 2 options for you!

  1. You can purchase this program on it’s own (ONLY $97)
  2.  Add-on 2 one-on-one sessions with me that you can do at any time where we can target the exact things for you to do and focus on to begin getting results fast. I am able to pin-point what has been holding you back, even if you were unable to.

The Re-charge, Re-boot, Re-energize 14 Day Program

ONLY $97

If you are Canadian CLICK HERE to pay in CAD$ or send an e-transfer to diana@dianamarchand.com with the answer “special”.

Holiday Special Deal

The Recharge, Reboot, Re-energize 14 Day Program 

PLUS 2 one-on-one sessions with me (you can use anytime, even after New Year)

ONLY $297.00

We will target the exact things that have been holding YOU back from getting results. You will get clear on YOUR why and develop an inner motivation that will carry you though. We will create a plan for you – this may include food, exercise & mindset work (it depends on you) so that you have a focus and direction that will work for YOU specifically and will fit into YOUR life.

If you are Canadian CLICK HERE to pay in CAD$ or send an e-transfer to diana@dianamarchand.com with the answer “special”.