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Better balance hormones, stop middle age spread, boost energy & live with vibrant health!

Your body is changing.

You don’t really feel like yourself anymore.

You've gained weight (mostly in the belly)

You don’t know what to think and you don't know what to.

Your pants are tight

You feel uncomfortable

You are bloated and feel just “blah”

You don't have energy like you once did and you might not be sleeping well which makes it worse.

You feel stressed and your emotions are sometimes extreme.

You are fine one moment, then crying the next.

You may have anxiety and not sure how to handle it.

(That is what I dealt with and didn’t know what to do).

You may have digestive problems, headaches, crazy cravings and memory problems.

At times, you feel like you are going crazy.

No one seems to understand.

You feel so alone!

Nothing you have tried has worked.

You feel lost.

You feel frustrated.

You are confused and do not know who or what to believe.

You feel stuck.

What if nothing works?

What if you keep gaining weight?

What if you don’t get your energy back?

What if you don’t feel good again!!

How does your body get out of balance?

  • Consistent stress
  • Trauma or a really stressful situation
  • Medications
  • Synthetic hormones
  • Toxins from food & the environment
  • Fearful & negative thoughts & emotions
  • Low self-love & worth
  • Worry & stress
  • Too much exercise
  • The wrong kinds of foods (acidic foods, junk foods, gluten products, sugar
  • Injuries
  • Lack of movement
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Resistance and frustration with the way your life is now
  • Unhappy with your job, relationship and/or life

» It's time to let go of the stress and struggle.

» It is time to learn to move through the resistance.

» It's time to stop the sabotage, on-again off-again and learn what it takes to consistently and easily stay on track!

» It's time to begin to truly love yourself and know that you are worthy (this is truly the key to it all)

» It's time to get clear on your “why” and your vision for your life. This is what continually pulls you towards what you desire. You continue to stay inspired.

» It's time to start eating in a way that feeds and fuels you so that you have more energy, feel vibrant & healthy and bring your whole body back into better balance. 

It's time to put yourself as a priority and gain better control of your weight, emotions and your life!

What happens when you begin to bring your body into better balance?

♥ Your energy greatly increases

♥ You begin to release the excess weight

♥ No more crazy cravings

♥ You feel less stress & anxiety

♥ Improved digestion (end the bloating, digestive distress, acid reflux, etc)

♥ Youthful, glowing skin

You have more clarity & focus

♥ You move towards vibrant Health

♥ You experience more peace, calm & joy in your life.

If you want to stop the midlife weight gain, have more energy, regulate mood swings, crush the crazy cravings and decrease your symptoms…

THIS is the program for you!

When you get on the RIGHT track and do things that are RIGHT for you during this phase of life, you notice results FAST!

I have helped hundreds of women have more energy, lose the weight, end the bloating, stop the cravings, greatly improve their health, bring their body back into better balance and feel more ease, calm and joy each day and I can help YOU too!

If you hear yourself saying: 

“Ya, but…..”

I get it. I really do. When you have tried so many things and nothing has really worked you lose faith in yourself and in everything.

So many people “magic and fast results”.

That's the problem. They tell you what you want to hear so you will buy their stuff.

Why am I different?

For one, stuff like that makes ME cringe. I cannot handle it.

I will NEVER promise you a “bikini body in just 2 weeks” or anything crazy like that. 

OR….. “Have this drink each day and magically melt away the belly fat.”

I am so tired of women being deceived!

That is maybe why you haven't heard of me before. 

I don't market like that. I respect ALL women and I am honest and I do not believe in saying things just to get you to buy.

I TRULY care for and respect each and every woman because I REMEMBER being there. 

I didn't have time to waste when I was going through the changes. I wanted something doable and real from a REAL person!

I also know that each woman is different and their lifestyles are different. What works for one, may not work for another.

That is why in this program I AM THERE WITH YOU! The whole way.

Talking with YOU and communicating with YOU. 

I get to know YOU and together we work on what will work best for you.

When you find that – IT ALL WORKS!

Why my programs is different:

The big difference between my program and all the other programs is my personal live attention!

There are many cookie cutter diets out there. You may have tried this and that and nothing has really worked, especially long term. Those diets are designed for the masses. 

In my program I get to help YOU as an individual in a personal way (on the live zoom calls trainings). You get  individualized and customized help.  You can have complete confidence that what you are is going will benefit you, because we work on it together and take into consideration your body and your lifestyle.

YOU are unique, you learn how to feed and fuel YOUR body. What works for your friends, family members and neighbours may not work for you.

I am there each day to guide you, support you and answer your questions. You will feel heard and appreciated. 

This is not one of those programs where you sign up and  jump onto a recorded, often repeated and out of date webinar.  We have time together each week and you have access to me every day through FB messenger, e-mail, voxer and/or Whatsapp.

I am there for you, every step of the way for the 6 weeks.

This is NOT a time to give up on yourself or give up on finding something that WILL work.

TRUST YOURSELF. Decide that you are going to make the changes and enjoy the process. REALLY!

During this phase of  life, it is EXTREMELY important that you put YOUR health as a priority. Seriously.

It will NOT magically get better. If you continue down the same path, I am afraid that things WILL get worse. 

They won't stay the same.

You will gain more weight, you will continue with low energy (and it may get worse), your digestive problems will worsen, your body will NOT come into balance. 

No one is coming to save you, except you! But you CAN!! That is the wonderful thing.

You are fully responsible for your health and wellness and that is a GOOD thing.

When you begin to make the right changes and shifts…….YOU BEGIN FEELING BETTER FAST!

This work is my passion. It is my purpose. I am here for you!

Some of my amazing clients

“Looking to improve your health and well-being?

Diana’s passionate approach to health and wellness and her caring nature have helped me to flourish in all aspects of my life.

She is a terrific source of nutritional information but her spirit is the wonderful part!

She is very knowledgeable and eager to share her wisdom and passion with others. She offers gradual, but doable approaches to relieve stress, eat more balanced meals and lead a healthy lifestyle. I am now eating foods that really nurture my body.

I no longer feel bloated. I have more energy and I have lost 14 pounds! (Update: Jen has now lost 70 lbs)

I look forward to a lifetime of eating this way. The program is not a magic pill, it is a lifestyle change for the better.

She teaches you nutrition, easy meal ideas, stress relievers and methods to enhance and improve your life. She offers so much support, you will be amazed!”

Jen Brown

Some results you can expect:

  • More energy (sustained energy all day)
  • End the crazy cravings
  • Stop the bloating and digestive problems
  • Sleep better
  • Stop the weight gain & lose the stubborn belly fat
  • Greatly reduce stress
  • Boost your immune system
  • Less puffiness and water retention
  • Decrease in hot flashes and other symptoms
  • Less aches and pains
  • Youthful, glowing skin
  • Clothes will fit better
  • Feel more confident and sure of yourself
  • Understand what is going on in your body and learn to work with it, not against it
  • Learn what foods to eat now during this phase of life 
  • Learn the right type of exercise for this phase of life
  • Learn how to easily incorporate highly nutritious foods into your day
  • How to prepare fast, simple meals
  • How to design your days and the way you live your life so that habits and foods fit into YOUR life in a way that feels right for you
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Eating and living to better balance your body
  • Getting clear on your vision and finding your inner motivation and inspiration
  • Decreased anxiety and feel more calm and peace each day

Every woman is different. You get to design YOU life (with guidance, support & accountability).

When you make the decision to commit to yourself and begin to take the right actions for YOU, you naturally becomes the person who IS living the healthy life you desire and EVERYTHING CHANGES.

Powerful shifts take place and results happen.

HEALTH is really Body / Mind & Soul

That is why in my programs we work on the “whole” you.


Eating for Hormonal Balance

⇒ More energy

⇒ Crush the crazy cravings

⇒ Stronger immune system

⇒ Less bloating and digestive distress

⇒ Fat loss

⇒ Decreased water retention and puffiness

⇒ Better sleep

⇒ Clear on what foods cause weight gain and what helps help release weight

⇒ Knowing what is right for your body and what is not


Stress reduction & mindset for success

⇒ Inner motivation

⇒ Stop the sabotage & on-again, off-again

⇒ Developing self-love and acceptance

⇒ More faith and trust in yourself

⇒ Less stress and anxiety

⇒ Better balanced emotions


Morning & evening practices that feed your soul

⇒ Experience more peace and joy in your day

⇒ Improved relationships

⇒ Developing faith, trust and belief in yourself

⇒ More confidence and certainty

⇒ Building powerful, loving boundaries

⇒ Feeling of inner safety and stability

Things we will cover during the 6 weeks

  • Assessing where you are now & setting up your plan to get results. Understanding what is going on in your body, and where to start. This is a start of a new chapter for you. You will discover what is working and what is not and what has been holding you back from getting results. You will get clear on what your next step is and begin taking the right actions for you.
  • How to “start your day the healthy way” information, recipes for nourishing drinks and foods that make it easy to incorporate more healthy nutrients in your day, have sustained energy, decrease cravings, boost your immune system, improve digestion, decrease inflammation and promote fat loss. You will not feel deprived.
    You will also begin effective practices that start your day in a more calm and centred way. You will notice more joy and less stress.
  • Clarity on what isn’t working for you and start implementing the RIGHT foods for this phase of life. Clean and clear your cupboards, pantry and fridge and stock them so that healthy eating each day is easy. How to add super-foods and super powders to your day that instantly boost the nutrition your body requires and begin to notice improved energy, digestion, less cravings while feeling completely satisfied and not deprived at all!
  • Reframe how you think about food and meals and end the confusion about what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. No calorie counting, measuring food or weighing food. You will learn to tap into your body’s wisdom to know what is best for it which takes the guess-work out and you feel more confident around your choices.
  • Food prep, planning tips and structure that fits your life making it easy to eat healthy all week.
  • Implement new healthy habits so that you stay on track and stop the on-again-off again. Get real about what needs to change to incorporate these habits and how you are going to do that. Commit to you and your desires, connect deeply to your why and begin to live in alignment with your goals and values.
  • Stress reduction techniques and practices that are easy, quick and greatly decrease stress, anxiety, fear, worry and leave you feeling more joy, peace and calm throughout your day. These also help you have a more restful sleep.
  • Mindset exercises to uncover the patterns, habits and limiting beliefs that lead you to sabotage over and over again. Discover the reasons for your emotional and stress eating and how to stop and rewire the pattern without going into an emotional downward spiral. Journaling practices that keep you motivated, inspired and excited about this journey.
  • Exercise that is right for this phase of life (If you wish to include exercise but you do not have to) because it is not the same as when you were in your 20’s, 30’s and early 40’s. What exercise is right for YOU according to what midlife phase you are in and what your life is like. Get this right and see results happen faster.

How this works:

  • Each week we will have a ZOOM video call.  This is when I speak to you personally and can help you with anything that comes up. I will stay on and answer everyone's questions and assist in anyway I can.
  • You send me pictures of your meals each day so I can see what and how much you are eating. I can then suggest changes that I feel would be best for you. This is the fastest way for you to learn. You also are able to be aware of the foods and ways of eating are affecting you and what is best for you.
  • You have a webpage where all your information will be stored. Your handouts and videos that I prepare for you. This will be password protected and you have access to it after our work together also.
  • You will have access to me through e-mail, voxer, FB messenger and/or Whatsapp throughout the week. You can ask me any questions and I will answer as soon as I can (of course we take into consideration time difference). 
  • You will receive ALL my recipe-books/recipe data base of nutritious & delicious recipes that are dairy and gluten-free. As well as any I formulate specifically for you.
  • Handouts on prepping and planning, how to think about meals, mindset practices, journaling, superfoods and super powders and anything that will help you.

Let's get you started on being a healthier more vibrant YOU!

Be a part of this amazing transformational program.

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