Mid-life Crisis or Mid-life Adventure?

So, are YOU having a mid-life crisis or a mid-life ADVENTURE?

5 tips on how you can begin to live your mid-life adventure – are listed below


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5 Tips for starting to live your mid-life adventure

(1) Change your thinking – you must believe it is possible. Because you can begin to take steps now. Get out of the mindset that you are stuck. Stop thinking you have no choice, because you do. It is not about giving up all you have and flying away somewhere – not at all. But start to dream again….

(2)  Get out a pen and paper and honestly answer this: How do you want to live your life? Remember DREAM BIG, THINK BIG! Right now this is just for fun so write as if anything is possible. This allows you to be creative and to remember things you might have wished for when you were a child when you believed anything was possible.

How do you want to “FEEL” during the day? How would you like to “BE” on a daily basis? What would you like to “EXPERIENCE” on a daily basis? These things do not have to be wild and crazy things – they can be as simple as “I feel love and joy every day” or “I do something creative each day” or “I am confident and have a positive attitude”.

You can categorize your life and answer these questions in the different areas such as – relationships, career, your inner self and your physical body.

(3) Watch your feelings, thoughts and your words. These lead to your actions and the energy you put out into the world. They also form your life. If you say something is impossible – it is. If you think something cannot be done – it can't. If you think it is too hard – you won't do it.

Everything is a thought first (energy) before it becomes form.

This is why I start each day with a ritual of sitting still and breathing. Connecting to my body and being at peace. I give thanks for all I have and may ask for what I desire. I often give thanks (as if it already is) for those things I desire. I do this during the day also and before I go to bed. 

Start with things you believe instead of jumping into affirming things you do not believe yet. For example: Don't start saying “I make a million dollars a year” (ok that is an exaggeration but you know what I mean)

Stop during the day and notice how you are feeling. How have your thoughts been? What things have you been saying to yourself? Check in and if they have been negative – turn them around to the positive.

(4) Take baby steps – and start to move forward. Even if you do not know yet exactly what you want, begin to take some steps towards something you know you do want and desire to experience or to have.

(5)  Course correct along the way and be open to change. Have fun. Enjoy the process. Don't be hard on yourself. When you slip and fall, pick yourself back up and get on track again. Give gratitude for what you have and give love to what you desire.

Remember – change can be a bit scary but I always believe that change will lead to something better. 

If we never try – how will you know? If you never take the chance – how will things ever be different for you?

Wishing you,

Health, Happiness, Passion & Purpose

With love, Diana