Hormones that cause belly fat in menopause & what you can do2021-08-09T12:43:05-07:00

Welcome to this training!

I am so happy you are here and taking this positive pro-active approach to find out what is going on in your body and what you can do about it.

Health IS the most important thing in each person's life. It should be a main priority for everyone.

During this midlife phase (and even if you are in post-menopause), your body is and has gone through some major changes.

Even through it can seem like a challenging, frustrating time of life there are so many things you CAN do.

It helps to understand what is going on so that you can KNOW the things you can begin to do NOW to help your body through this phase and beyond.

There is NO secret pill or formula and each woman IS different.

Your focus should ALWAYS be HEALTH FIRST (rather than weight loss).

If you do not work on balancing your body (hormones), the weight loss will not happen.

If you do not eat the foods that feed/fuel and nourish your cells properly (and feed the glands that produce the hormones) you will not have healthy and lasting weight loss either.

The below video below will help you better understand your body better and also give you clarity of things you may not be doing, were doing that is actually working against your and things you can begin to do NOW to better balance your body.

More energy, begin to release the excess weight, decrease inflammation, boost immune system, sleep better, relieve the symptoms and better balance your moods.

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