Exercise During Menopause / Midlife

Today in my Facebook Group “Women Creating Healthy Lives” I got asked a great question about exercising during midlife/menopause/perimenopause, etc.
I had so much to say about this topic that I thought I would do a video on it. As I am far better on video than writing.
I have worked as a personal trainer (and yoga instructor) for a few years.
I also have been working out for over 30 years, myself.
You may be surprised as to some of the things I say and I give examples of what I think is best during this phase and why.

Make sure to watch the video!


Wishing you,

Healthy & Happiness!

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  • You fee more control over your life.
  • You are focused and are more confident and clear on the direction you are going
  • You are excited about what is ahead of you.
  • You know when you are about to sabotage things and you can stop it.
  • You are more at peace with your life.
  • Stress levels are greatly decreased.
  • You are able to get things done without a such a struggle.
  • You feel better connected to yourself and to your body
  • You enjoy eating the healthy foods.
  • You have found great ways to move your body that feel good to you.
  • You want to take good care of your body.
  • You find it so much easier to consistently eat healthy
  • You have more energy
  • You feel lighter as you have released mcuh drama in your life
  • You have stopped the excuses and stories that have been holding you back.
  • You begin to take action that is aligned with what you desire in life
  • Each day you make better decisions because you are coming from a place of being empowered instead of feeling powerless.
  • You begin to get results in all areas of your life.
  • Things that once seemed like a struggle are now so much easier
  • You “respond” to things instead of “reacting” in an over-emotional way.
  • You stop expecting other people to change things for you
  • You stop expecting other people to change and you allow them to be fully responsible for their life.
  • You take full responsibility for your own life
  • You don’t feel the need to please everyone before you please yourself.
  • You are able to let go of the all-or-nothing attitude
  • Emotional and stress eating greatly decreases or even goes away
  • You love yourself and stop fighting yourself
  • When this happens – life flows with more ease
  • Dump the limiting beliefs and begin to form new powerful, positive beliefs