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Why does this keep happening to me?

And why now? I have been doing so good!

When RESISTANCE hits you….

I just don’t think I can do this! 

I am so frustrated! I really wanted it to work this time.

I promised myself I wouldn’t let this happen.
Why am I feeling like this again?

Have you said these things to yourself?

Have you felt them?

Have you let resistance slip back in and take over and now you are sabotaging things for you?

Even after you promised yourself it wasn’t going to happen this time.

I get it. I can completely relate. This has happened to me so, so many times.

When you are doing well then you feel resistance, you feel stuck, you get frustrated and you begin to sabotage yourself.

Are you ready to stop this pattern and cycle?

  • Learn to see resistance and sabotage for what it is
  • Learn to “be in it” and let it fade with far more ease then fighting it
  • Ways of shifting our thinking of it so you no longer fear or dread it
  • 6 steps to working through resistance and moving forward again
  • Techniques to do during the day that are quick and easy and assist you in moving through this
  • Powerful questions to get you clear on what is holding you back and what your next step is
  • The one practice that I recommend to ALL my clients and that I use that has made the BIGGEST impact in my life

Resistance can creep up on anyone, but you don't have to let it sabotage you or cause you to stay stuck for days, weeks or even months.

When you learn now to move through it without letting it stop you:

  • Your stress is greatly decreased
  • You recognize when it is coming up and you can stop it from taking over
  • You no longer fear it or worry about it
  • There is more flow and ease in your life
  • You become far more productive in a positive way
  • You get results faster – because you are not always stopping and starting over and over again
  • You feel more confident and ready to take on new things and challenges
  • You get to see how much you can accomplish without the struggle
  • You are able to better embrace change and feel more comfortable with it

Shed the resistance and open up to new possibilities!

Stop the self-sabotage, all-or-nothing attitude and days of procrastinating and say:

Screw resistance, you are NOT going to stop me this time!

A 10 Day program that will be consist of videos, audios and worksheets.

You do not need to be on Facebook to get the information. It will be delivered to you through e-mail.

There will be a web page where you can go to and watch the videos, listen to the audios and handouts therefore you will always have all the information and review it at any time. 

Because resistance can come up again.The thing is, you will get consistently better and better in dealing with it and it will not last as long.

It's time to say

SCREW YOU resistance – you are NOT going to stop me this time”!

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