Emotional Eating, snacking at night, eating when bored…..

Do you do any of these? 

Emotionally eating, eating when bored, eating when stressed, snacking at night?

I didn't realize I was actually emotionally eating until I was reading a book about it (for clients) and I had a HUGE ah-ha moment!

In this video I talk about what I discovered about myself and what triggered my emotional eating and how I began to overcome it.

The book I speak about in the video is:  “Women Food and God” by Geneen Roth. I highly recommend it.

There can be deeper issues and many more reasons why someone would emotionally eat, but I cover some of the ones I hear from clients and that I experienced.

I hope this leads you to have some “ah-ha” moments also and that you get some ideas that will help you.


Wishing you,

Health & Happiness!

With Love


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