Doing what it takes & Finding what works for YOU




If you are in this mid-life phase, (45 and over) then you might be experiencing weight gain that you can't seem to lose. Nothing works and you are stressed. There is too much going on, you don’t feel good, you are tired, even exhausted, nothing seems to work. It can be a crazy time.

Even if you are over this phase, you may have gained weight, you may still feel tired and exhausted and still have symptoms that leave you frustrated.

What this requires is for you to change something. And it may not be just one thing.

I am someone who embraces change. I enjoy it. So when something isn’t right with me, I look for a solution – I ask myself “What can I do?”

I try everything until I find a solution.

I look for solutions.

Some people – sit with what is wrong and dwell on it.

They hate it, they think that a solution will be too hard to implement.

They think they don’t have time to look for it.

After trying so many things they begin to think that there is nothing they can do.

How about you?

Do you ignore how you feel?

Do you continue to put off doing something about it hoping that “someday” you will magically just feel better?

You might have tried a few things that didn't work so you have decided to give up all together.

You might try again “some day”.

The thing is, if you do not change anything, nothing will change.

My guess is, you probably haven’t tried everything.


Maybe you are afraid to change the things around you.

To change people you hang out with, the energy in your environment.

Maybe there are things in your life that are controlling YOU and causing the stress and overwhelm in your life.

Things that you are scared of letting go of. People you don't think you can say NO to.

You life may be so full that there is no room to bring in anything new.

You are afraid to give up things that you should. If you do, there will be conflicts, there will be feedback from others.

The thing is, to make a change, it means letting go of the things that are not serving you anymore.

To bring in the good and a lot more good, you need to make some space.

But SPACE is good!! Bringing in more “good” is what will help.

Continually putting up with things (even people) that don't bring you joy and make you feel good – is sabotaging your life!

This is YOUR LIFE!

You may be keeping other people “comfortable” and at ease but inside, you are suffering.


Time to decrease the STRESS in your life.

Stress can lower our immune system, you can become tired, even exhausted. You can end up with adrenal fatigue, you could gain weight and not be able to lose it. You can experience digestive problems, anxiety, etc.

It is time to take a look at YOUR life.

What is taking up all YOUR time?

Are you taking time to relax, to breath, to do some rituals that help to calm you and put you at peace?

Are you journaling, are you writing, are you doing mindset work?

Athletes know the importance of mindset work, it is a huge part of their success.

You can have the skills to succeed but if you don’t have the mindset to succeed you won’t succeed!

There are so many great books to read on the subject. Books that will inspire you, motivate you and give you some great ideas.

You can listen to audio books, watch YouTube videos to improve your mindset.


It is not about waiting for things to get better.

IT is about doing what it takes to make things better!

Search out people who can help, search out the experts, go to workshops, classes and join programs that will help you.

Talk to people and keep searching until you find what works for you.
Change your eating and keep changing it until you find what works for you.
Even though you have tried so many things, NEVER GIVE UP!

If you haven’t gotten the results you want, it just means you haven’t found what works for you …… YET!

Find ways to decrease your stress.

Grounding – barefoot on the earth
– Take a walk in nature
– Do some deep breathing – slow deep breaths and focus on being present – enjoying the moment without thinking about “to-do” lists
Sit near a body of water as water helps to absorb negative energy
– Take 5-15 minutes out of your day to relax and to release the stress.
Watch your thoughts and your words – what are you saying and thinking to yourself over and over again

What are you focusing on?

BECAUSE… what you are saying over and over and what you are focusing on, is what you are creating in your life.

Each decision you make, creates your life.

Sometimes the worst decision….is the deciding to do nothing.


No looking back.

Focus forward.

What can you start doing now?

Wishing you,

Health, Happiness, Passion & Purpose!

With Love,

P.S. If you are ready for some change but are not sure where to start. Reach out to me. Send and e-mail to and let me know you would like to set up a free session with me (no obligation at all!).

We will find a time to talk on the phone and see how I can help you.