How to Decrease Cravings

crave good not bad

Sound too good to be true?

To be able to crave good food and not the bad food?

I am not saying you will never eat the “bad foods” (which I like to call the fun foods) again. What I mean here is that these tips and techniques can really help you decrease your cravings for your “bad” foods. 

Now this will be something different for everyone as some people love and crave sweets while others love and crave salty and fatty foods. Each person has their own “bad” or “trouble” foods.

For me a couple foods I used to crave a lot were chocolate and peanut butter. Lately it has been potato chips.

Below I am going to give you some tips that worked for me as well as an exercise (technique) I learned that really worked for me and I also filmed a video relating to this also which will go into more detail and tell you how I greatly decreased my craving for peanut butter.

The video is below this post but first I am going to give you some ways of decreasing cravings in general.



  • Have 2 green smoothies a day
  • Eat more greens – such as collards, Swiss chard, kale, microgreens, lettuce (all varieties)
  • Consume more vegetables with each meal. Make the vegetables the largest portion of the meal
  • Greatly decrease or take out the “white stuff” – flours, rice, sugar. So that includes the breads, scones, muffins, sweets
  • Drink more water – Divide your body weight in 1/2 and then drink that amount of ounces of water a day
  • Have hot lemon water 1st thing in morning, have some fruit, then a green smoothie. Then mid-morning have some muesli with berries, chia gel and hemp
  • If you are cravings sweets try something like this – Example:  Have a piece of chocolate, then a piece of apple – etc. Have both at the same time that way you do not overeat the chocolate. The apple is still a sweet snack but also something healthier
  • When wanting to snack in the evening – try organic popcorn in air popper with coconut oil, himalayan salt and nutritional yeast
  • Have cut veggies in your fridge and take with you to snack on



Your body needs to be fed certain nutrients – the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, phytonutrients, etc. That is fuel and food for your body so it can work as it should.

If we do not feed our body the proper fuel – it will TELL US it needs to be fed. It will say “I'm hungry, I need to eat, please feed me” – which could come out as cravings.

It is not asking for sweets, sugar, junk food, flour, etc. It is asking for nutrients.

The thing is – we may grab “stuff” that will fill us up, that is easy, that is there in front of us – the cookies, muffins, scones, bread – but those foods do not contain the nutrients our body really needs.

Those foods are full of “fluff”. They are full of calories but no nutrients. They will fill us up but will not feed or fuel our body.

So what happens then?

Our body still needs to be fed – it will keep telling us – “feed me”. Because really you haven't. You haven't fed it what it really needed. So it is still hungry. Hungry for the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, etc.


If you FEED your body the foods that have the right nutrients – you WILL decrease the constant cravings.


This really works.

I have seen this and my clients have experienced it – over and over again.


Craving the GOOD…

Your body WILL CRAVE more of the good foods, the more you eat them. It knows it is receiving exactly what it needs. It will get used to receiving the right foods and fuel. So you will begin to crave those foods. 

I really notice my clients saying this and for me – it is a green smoothie. If I go a day without one – I crave it so much. My body really misses it if I do not have it. I notice I do not have as much energy and I also notice that I eat more during the day if I do not have my green smoothie. 


BELOW IS A TECHNIQUE you can use to really decrease a craving for something you love but want to eat less of:

Below I explain it in shorter version – to get more tips along with the exercise – watch the video below for a better explanation


Imagine something you love and want to eat less of or take out of your diet.

Imagine how it tastes, how much you like it, etc.

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you want it right now?

Now, why? What makes you want it so much?

Now you have that desire, try and make that number (the one between 1-10) – make it a 5.

How can you do that?

Example: A cold pop

To make it a 5 – imagine that it is warm, not cold

That would decrease your desire for it.

Now get that desire down to a 1 or even a 0.


Imagine it is warm, flat and has bits of pickles floating in it. Maybe even a hot pepper in it.

Now you desire it a lot less right?

Now bring that desire to a negative. Maybe a -5.


Imagine it with some hair in it, warm, flat, bits of pickles in it, hot peppers and a cigarette butt in it.

Really imagine it. Imagine taking a drink of that. How would it taste? How would it make you feel?

Really imagine it…..

You get the picture. This is a short version of what I talk about in the video but you get the picture.

This is a great technique and in the video I tell you what I did to help decrease my craving for peanut butter years ago.

(Although I do have some now and would have to do this exercise over again. But I crave peanut butter way less than I ever used to)


To Increase your Desire for the GOOD….

To increase the desire for the good foods you use the same technique but in the opposite way.

You focus on all the “good” your body is getting from the healthy food. You focus on how fantastic you are going to feel and look when you continue to eat really healthy.

Focus on all the things you will be able to do, how your future will be when you are really healthy and happy!

You can give yourself a reward if you have 2 full days of healthy food – maybe take time to do something you love, or have a spa treatment, or go to your favourite coffee shop with a great book and totally relax and enjoy your book without guilt. Just taking that time for you.

Use your imagination and expand all the time. Increase your belief and knowing in how good this healthy food is for you and how if you don't continue eating like this – what could then be in your future? Illness, disease and loss of independence.

That is really what I focus on – all of the above. When I eat healthy – I think of all the positive benefits and when I don't – I think of the negative consequences. Works for me!


I hope these tips help you!


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