21 Day Clean Eating Simplified2021-12-02T09:39:00-08:00

Go through the holiday season with more energy, no guilt, more confidence and feeling great about how you are taking care of you.

A 21 Day Program that will simplify healthy eating over the holidays.

Eat clean, feel amazing and bring your body back into better balance.

Simple, easy foods/recipes because you are busy during this holiday season.

When you eat healthy, your cravings are greatly decreased so you do not over-eat the holiday treats that may be all around you.

When you feel good you are able to have things in moderation.

You will notice you have more energy, your skin will look better and you will feel healthier.

YES you will still be able to eat what you want at any holiday party/get together.

That is the GREAT thing about doing this!

When you eat clean and healthy consistently (like you will be doing) you GET to eat what you want at the gatherings! They won't cause you to get bad food for days after.

It is not about depriving yourself.

This is not about feeling frustrated and feeling left out.

It is not about saying NO to all the foods you love.

You GET to LIVE and have the FREEDOM to enjoy the food, the friends and your family.

Feel the freedom you have knowing that you have it under control and that you won't come out of the holiday season having gained 5-10 lbs.

Feel vibrant, energetic and look great!

This does NOT have to be hard.

Learn to embrace new thoughts, beliefs, actions and habits.

Choose the direction of your life.

Stop the excuses and stay on track. Finally!

  • Drop the all-or-nothing and on-again off-again 
  • Crush the cravings
  • Greatly decrease the stress
  • Lose some weight
  • End the bloating an digestive distress
  • Boost your immune system
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Learn fast, easy, delicious recipes

The mindset work we do will help shift you out of the struggle and into “this can be easy for me” and “this is how I am going to do it”.

Go through the rest of this year really deciding that you are going to start taking better care of YOU.

This is the BEST holiday gift you can give to yourself.


“New Year, New YOU” workshop

We will be doing a special workshop as part of this program.

Get clear on your vision for your life, how you want to fee, be and what you desire to do in 2022.

You are the one who creates YOUR life and you are responsible for your body.

Claim your power and set some positive intensions about how you are going to take better care of you.

How does this program work?

  • The program will begin in the private Facebook Group on Friday, December 3. This is where the program is delivered. 
  • The Facebook Community (Group) is a safe, private, supportive, positive and amazing group with women who are going through much the same as you are.
  • You will be posting pictures of your meals each day to help keep you accountable and also so I can see what you are eating and give you some suggestions and ideas that can help you.
  • You will receive recipes if you wish to try something new. These will be simple and delicious.
  • I will be doing LIVE Coaching videos and Q&A sessions in the Facebook Group each week (1-2 a week) on specific topics that will guide you in this process. I will take time to answer any questions you have.
  • The program covers what is best for the woman within the group. None of my programs are exactly the same as I really do cater to the specific women in each group.
  • The handouts will be sent to you through e-mail as well as information on the upcoming trainings and Q&A sessions with me.
  • This program is very interactive and is such a positive and supportive environment. You will LOVE it!
  • You will feel fully supported and have space to focus on YOU and really begin to create a powerful life

What a great way for you to end 2021 and move into 2022 feeling confident knowing you are doing the best for you and to bring your body back into better balance which affects ALL areas of your life.

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