How to handle stress in the moment

The effects of stress: Decrease your immune system Blunts hormone production Causes weight gain Prevents you from losing weight Increases inflammation in the body Causes adrenal fatigue which can affect Thyroid as well as leave you exhausted Causes a toxic body Leads to heart problems and other organ problems Can lead to illness [...]


What does meat have to do with belly fat?

Do you consume conventional meat? The meat you buy at a regular grocery store.  Are you having problems with weight gain - especially around the belly? Check out the video and see what is up.... Of course there are many other reasons for the weight gain in the middle in midlife - but [...]


Why is it so hard to lose weight in midlife?

Yes, this phase of life is when "what used to work, doesn't work anymore". I know, I have been there.  In this video I talk about the reasons why you gain weight during this phase and why it is so hard to lose it. But.... it is not impossible. I did it and I have [...]


3 Crucial Things For Midlife Weight Loss

3 Crucial Things for Midlife Weightloss Below is a Facebook Live video I did (it is not edited) and then I uploaded to YouTube. The 3 things I feel you really need to work on to feel so much better during the midlife changes and after! Focusing on "just the weight loss" will not work. [...]