7 Mistakes Women Make re Losing Weight in Midlife

The 7 Mistakes Women Tend to Make When Wanting to Lose Weight During Midlife (Perimenopause/Menopause) I do hate to use the word "mistake", because what you don't know, you don't know. I could write these out below but then I think they would seem too "limited", too "simple" and the [...]


Why you don’t have to count calories to lose weight in menopause

Why I don't count calories and either do my clients and they still lose weight I have never agreed with counting calories. I have never done it. I knew that I could not do it for a long time. What does it really tell us anyway? 100 calories of sugar [...]


Causes for midlife weight gain & why can’t lose weight

WHY do you gain so much weight in midlife & why is it so hard to lose? There are a lot of reasons for sure and every single woman is different. But there ARE some main ones that most all women in midlife deal with that cause the weight gain [...]


Important to consider about losing weight in midlife

Want to lose menopause weight?  What is the most important thing to consider when wanting to lose weight in menopause? I asked a question in my free Facebook Community - "Women Creating Healthy Lives" about what they believe is the most important factor in losing weight in midlife. Some examples [...]


Things to increase your immune system

I am not going to talk a lot about the virus as I choose to FOCUS on health and wellness and on what we CAN do. I did a live FB video on suggestions of what you can begin now to increase your immune system. It is time for YOU [...]