Superfood Chocolate Green Drink

Super Green Chocolate Drink 1/2 Cup almond milk 1/2 Cup water 1 Tbsp my super powder blend (use less if you are just starting out)        (includes Baobab, wheatgrass, Chlorella) 1/2 Tbsp ground pumpkin seeds & chia seeds (total combined once ground) - optional 1/8 tsp natural sweetener [...]


Cook Veggies & Greens fast and easy – the BEST way!

This video shows you my FAVOURITE way of cooking veggies and greens. It is fast and easy!   I happen to LOVE greens and vegetables!! I am a VEGGIE NERD for sure. Do you sometimes say "I don't have time to make a healthy meal!" OR "Healthy food is so time consuming to [...]


Walnut Artichoke Paté – Food for your hormones

Feed your hormones for balance If you haven't tried anything like this, I highly encourage you to try this! It tastes amazing. (I have a video on "how to make" below.) The great thing about this is not only the taste, but how great this is for you! And you can serve it to your [...]


ZOODLES! Fun to make, delicious to eat

ZOODLES! Noodles made with vegetables. (Recipe and video on how to make below) I eat a TON of veggies. I mean a TON. So making them more interesting is definitely key. I love preparing them in fun ways.  Mostly I eat quite plain. I keep things simple because of time and in my programs I [...]


Simple Hummus with Artichokes (video recipe)

Hummus is fantastic! It is so versatile and the perfect snack! (Recipe and video below) What I did in this simple recipe is I added some chopped artichokes (which I love!). I also have a recipe on my blog where I added avocado to the hummus. That is fantastic also. I made this with my [...]


Vegan Gluten-free Healthy Crackers

Delicious Nutrient Dense, Healthy Crackers  You can make yourself. Vegan & gluten-free. I have made a lot of raw crackers - which are dehydrated (not baked in oven), but they take a very long time so having a baked recipe that also makes really good crackers is ideal! (The baked are not as healthy as [...]