Which one can you relate to? #1 or #2? What is holding you back?

When it comes to healthy eating – consistently – there are many things that can appear to “get in the way”. So what can we do?

I posted a question on Facebook recently asking for input. I had 2 possible answers (scenarios) and the results were very interesting and eye opening.

This is a sign of the times for sure. What gets in your way?

Which one can you relate more to?

I bet you can relate to both and these 2 videos can help get you back on track.


Which one below if your main reason why you have problems staying on track with healthy eating and living (& reducing stress)?

#1 – You have a ton of responsibilities in your life that involve other people – that take up your time and leave you stressed.

#2 – You struggle more with inner thoughts, emotions & habits when it comes to eating healthy and taking care of yourself.


Which can you best relate to? Below I did a video for each of the answers/scenarios.

#1 – Responsibiities

Oh boy have I been feeling this one lately.

Are you experiencing a time now where family, friends, work and life requires a TON of your attention and energy?

If you work full time, take care of your home, care for your family, maybe have aging parents – it can be a LOT – almost too much!

It can leave you exhausted and even burned out.

Yes, there are times when this is necessary for sure. When you need to give your energy to take care of others.

But how long do you continue to let this happen? What are your options?

What else can you do?

How burned out and exhausted do you allow yourself to become?

How is it affecting your health?


#2 – Inner thoughts, habits, beliefs

Eating healthy consistently requires you to do some things that you probably DO NOT feel like doing at times when you would way rather do SOMETHING ELSE!

I get it – hey me too!

I DO NOT always feel like getting in the kitchen, chopping things up and doing what I “should” and “need” to do to have healthy food for me to eat.

In the video below I show you how I get it all done.

A look into my crazy kitchen on a Saturday night.

When yes, I would have rather been watching a movie (which I did later) and even going for a walk.

But you CAN get it all in. (I even did a short workout after this also)



Get into the kitchen and prepare 1 new healthy recipe.

Get into the kitchen and prep some veggies and greens – make a salad, etc.

Get outside and go for a walk – soak up some sunshine (I hope you get it too – we sure are)!


Wishing you,

Health, Happiness, Passion & Purpose!

With Love,


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It's time to:

Love your food and Love your life!

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