Weight gain, not sleeping, stress – what is behind these?

What can you do with the midlife weight gain, the problem sleeping, the stress and the crazy emotions? In this video I get into why I truly believe is behind all of these and the message our body has for us. I think this is one of the best videos I have [...]


What is the best diet for menopause

What is the best way to eat during menopause? Watch the video and you will see what I think about it after working with hundreds of women through this phase of life. As well as dealing with this personally. There is a lot of conflicting information out [...]


How to “reset” from stress & adrenal fatigue & NEW 30 Day Program

Earlier today (I am writing this Saturday evening)  I did a great video on: My experience with stress and adrenal fatigue in midlife and how to "reset" things to better balance your body. If you do not really think that you have a problem with stress, you might want to [...]


How I Eat in Post Menopause

How I eat now, in Post Menopause to keep the weight off NOTE: Skip ahead to about 3:55 in the video where I begin talking about the subject. In the last video I did, I talked about - "How I ate during Perimenopause to lose [...]


Healthy Eating CAN be Easy. I bust the excuses

Healthy Eating Can be Easy! I bust the excuses in this video. I often post questions in my free Facebook Community for Women Over 40. Lately I posted a question about healthy eating and the struggles some people have. CLICK HERE to join my free FB group "Women Creating Healthy Lives" if [...]