Why your body cannot come into better balance

This may be why your body cannot come into better balance, no matter what you try.

You can know what to eat, have all the recipes and then still do not stick with it.

Patterns that repeat in our lives over and over again.

YUP that is what holds us back.

I know it is easier to find a pill, a supplement, a diet and DO IT but if you still have all the “inner” stuff going on in your mind and your brain that tends to sabotage – then you will just go back to the “old” habits and behaviours. 

It sucks.
It really does.

You just want to do what it takes and get the results.

I get it.

The thing is. When you avoid looking and shifting the “inner game”, then nothing will really change.

If you think this will require you to bring up a whole bunch of “crap” that will make you feel horrible, emotional, overwhelmed and depressed – the thing is, it probably won't be like that at all.

I know because that is what I thought.  For years!!

I didn't want to do the “inner work”. I just wanted to know the “HOW”.

I wanted the system, the “how to” and thought then I would have all I need.

But that is just not true.

You can know the “how” but still procrastinate, sabotage, emotionally eat, eat when stressed, feel fear and worry and be frustrated and confused.

Of course when you begin to feel all of those things – which are really uncomfortable – you give up.

Because you want to avoid feeling that.

But then…..you are upset that you did that again!!!

You are back where you started.

Do not let that keep happening to you.

This is EXACTLY what we work on in this program.

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As well as support, accountability, clarity, focus and actions that are specific to what YOU require.

This is NOT a cookie-cutter program.

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I am so, so excited about this program because it is extremely powerful!

Wishing you,

Health & Happiness!

With Love,