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Choosing, deciding and taking action to live this year with

Vibrant Energy, Health & Joy!

It's time to get YOU BACK ON TRACK

After the “HEAVY” holiday season.

Cleaner body & cleaner energy!

You are a physical body and you are an energetic body.

In this program we will work on both!


Food – nourishing, delicious food that helps:

  • balance hormones
  • stop the crazy cravings
  • decrease inflammation
  • boost immune system
  • increase energy
  • promotes weight loss
  • helps body to detoxify
  • balance blood sugar levels
  • feed & fuel your body the building blocks it needs


  • Better manage YOUR energy because you are actually the one who CAN control your energy
  • Setting up powerful energetic boundaries
  • Learning how to “fill your cup up” each day so you don't feel so depleted
  • Get rid of the “energy leaks”
  • Bring in more “energy enhancers”
  • Learn to decrease stress
  • Move your body in a way that feels good and supports your health and hormones
  • Powerful calming and positive morning practice to help start your day calm, centred and focused


You are the one in charge of YOUR body & YOUR energy.

This is the power you have.

Step into YOUR personal power and begin 2022 with vibrant health and energy!

No matter what you have done or tried before and whether it worked or it didn't. That doesn't matter right now.

You GET to start again.

Keep moving forward, learning and growing.

Become an empowered woman who is confident in her body and her life!

This is about REAL food!

You do Not have to go out and spend hundreds of $ on supplements or super powders – not at all!

This is about keeping it simple and enjoyable!

You WILL notice results i the 1st week in your energy, cravings, stress, bloating, skin and weight.

It does NOT matter if you eat meat or not. It is about learning how to eat in a way that is right for YOU

Health is about your


Taking these 3 into consideration is crucial to bring the body into better balance.

How this program works:

  • The program will take place in a private Facebook Group
  • The FB Group opens on Saturday, Jan 15 and program BEGINS MONDAY, JAN 17th
  • There will be 3 live videos each week 
    (all will be recorded and in the group for you to watch anytime)
  • There will be Q&A time during each video to get your questions answered.
  • I also do a short breathing/grounding meditation at the end of each FB live so that you can practice how to release stress energy and how to bring in healing, loving and positive energy.
  • You receive easy, delicious and nutritious recipes as well as documents that can help you get started ad give you all the information you need and what to shop for to get ready
  • I will share some stress reduction tools ad techniques to help you greatly reduce the stress in your life.

What a great way for you to move into 2022 feeling confident knowing you are doing the best for you and to bring your body back into better balance which affects ALL areas of your life.

CLICK the button BELOW TO join in!

ONLY $222

PAYMENT PLAN: 2 payments of $115.00 (email me for the payment plan)

If you are CANADIAN – you can e-transfer the amount in CAD$ to (Use “program” as the answer)

Feel free to e-mail me at or message me on Facebook if you have any questions or wish me to send you an invoice instead.