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Hello, I am Diana Marchand,



A wellness and lifestyle coach for women who want to live with vibrant energy & health.

Women who wish to create a life of passion and fulfillment that expresses who they truly are now (who they have become) and who they are becoming.



I believe that health is holistic and involves the body/mind and sprit. In my coaching and programs I work with these 3 pillars of health.


  1. Nourishing the body with the proper foods: And after 45 changing what you eat is extremely important – for weight, energy, health, inflammation and emotions.

  2. Mastering your mindset: Mindset is the key to every aspect of life. Looking at how you define yourself. We live who we believe we are. To be truly happy, you must be truly you.

  3. Developing your intuitive knowing: Knowing what foods are right for you. Feeling what works and what doesn’t in your life. Beginning to release what doesn’t work – certain foods, beliefs, behaviors and habits.


After 45, women really begin to change; physically, emotionally and spiritually. I know this, because I have been there.


At 21 I had cancer in my thyroid and ½ of my thyroid was removed. That was my awakening to how important health is and how fast my life could change. (I am cancer free)


During my mid to late 20′s I began experiencing bad headaches and digestive issues. I popped pills for the pain as doctors said they couldn’t find anything wrong.


I tried tweaking and changing my diet as well as various supplements to help my digestive problems.

I uncovered that it was preservatives in foods and drinks that were causing my headaches and horrible flu-like symptoms. When I stopped eating foods and drinking drinks that contained preservatives and food dyes my headaches flu-like symptoms greatly decreased. I felt so much better!


My passion for health and wellness led me to became a personal trainer and a yoga instructor.



At about 43 I began to experience some strange symptoms. My digestive problems and headaches got worse. I felt bloated, had acid reflux, felt tired, stressed and overemotional. I had problems with my memory, focus and ability to concentrate. I experienced anxiety for the first time – it was horrible. I didn’t know what was happening.


And then….the weight gain in my mid-section. I was working out and eating good (or so I thought). What used to work, wasn’t working anymore. Things were changing – I was changing.


I was in perimenopause. I didn’t know much about it so once again I began to research and read every book on the topic I could find. I was exhausted, I actually ended up crashing with adrenal fatigue. I did not want to gain more weight and I wanted more energy.


I tweaked my diet over and over again, trying to find what would stop the weight gain and get my energy back.


Finally I found what worked. My acid reflux completely disappeared and I lost weight – I actually got down to a weight that I was in my 20′s. At a time when women gain weight.


So I became a raw food chef and started instructing classes and programs sharing the knowledge I had learned and showing how to make the delicious, nutritious recipes. (I am not all raw now and I do not preach all raw).


I helped open up a restaurant that served raw and vegan food and worked as their head chef for 2 years. During that time I was still doing my workshops and programs.


Now at 51 (over menopause), I am at a great weight that I easily maintain. Pretty much all of my symptoms are gone now – except for some hot flashes.


I believe you can enjoy vibrant energy and health at any age if you desire it and do what it takes.

You too can feel amazing!


If you want to gain energy, stop the weight gain, boost your metabolism and your immune system and live a healthy passion-filled life but not sure where to start, contact me for a Discovery Call and find out how you can begin to feel better now.