A “simple” rule to follow to get results

I was reading some clients comments in one of my program groups. I have many clients that have followed me for a while and take many of my programs.

Her life has really changed and she was mentioning that and I responded with exactly “WHY” she did/does get results.

It is such a simple thing. I explain it in the video

as well as I wrote it out a bit below.

(NOTE: The program I mention in the video may not be running when you watch this. The program started Sept 2018)


There is no “magic pill”. There is “1 right diet”. There is no “secret”.

There just isn't BECAUSE each person is so different.


There are FOR SURE some similarities and things you CAN do that lead to weight loss, more energy and vibrant health.

You may have experienced this before.

You may have lost weight, eaten healthy and felt amazing.

But did you stick with it?


Here is what I responded to the client – and it is the same for all my clients who have received the results they were looking for (and more):

Show up


Never Give Up

You may have been expecting more – but really THINK ABOUT THIS.

The times you probably have received results is when you “showed up and never gave up” – at least for that period of time.

It is about re-committing every single minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month.

If you slip for a bit – you DO NOT beat yourself up and allow the downward spiral into old habits and ways of thinking.




brush yourself off

and re-commit to YOU.

To what you desire.

To how you want to feel.

To how you would love to live your life.

To nourishing and supporting your body.

To owning your worth and to loving yourself completely and fully.

To wanting the BEST for YOU.


Because you are WORTH it.





Keep doing what it takes (which also means working on your thoughts and beliefs that hold you back).

Check out the video as I am better at “talking” about it, then writing it.


Wishing you,

Health & Happiness!

Much Love,