7 Steps to Release Weight, Boost Energy and Live with Vibrant Health

In the video I give you 7 steps/7 things (wasn't sure what to call them) but it is not really about following a list of to-do's.

It is about getting to the place where you “KNOW” what to do – for YOU. 

There are thousands of diets. Most even claim that they WILL work for you!

But that is just not true.

There are so, so many variables.


If you have been off and on diets before you  know, you really  know, that when the “diet” is over….when you have done what it said to do….it DOES NOT MEAN that you will continue.

It doesn't mean that you will KNOW what to do now for the rest of your life.

You just “followed” a plan that was laid out.

You didn't really “learn” how to know what is right for you now and into the future.

You may not have even really learned to to eat on a regular basis?

The fad diets only work while you are on them. What happens after?

I know you are frustrated.

I know there is so much conflicting and confusing information out there.

Who and what do you believe?

When “what used to work, doesn't work anymore” what do you do?


You learn, you try things, you take action, you do something new, you tune into your body, you understand that your body is very powerful and it is already telling you what works and what doesn't – you are just not sure how to understand what it is telling you.


Another thing that you CAN do – is get guidance and support.

This phase of life is different. Whether you are still going through the mid-life changes or have gone through them. Your body has changed.


The way it processes carbohydrates (the starchy ones) is different than before. 

The nutrient requirements is different.

Your body reacts to exercise differently.

Therefore, it requires you to do things differently.



I have 2 fantastic ways I can help you in January.

Below are some of the results you can experience with both of the programs (but they both work differently so I explain how below)

  • Begin to allow your body to naturally detoxify
  • Start the process of releasing the excess weight
  • Increase energy
  • Decrease inflammation in your body
  • Begin to sleep better
  • Balance blood sugar levels
  • Crush the cravings
  • No more crashes in the afternoon – sustained energy throughout the day
  • Increase immune system – rarely get sick
  • End the bloating and water retention
  • More youthful and glowing skin
  • Starting your day in a calm and centred way
  • Stop the self-sabotage and all-or nothing thinking
  • Learn the right foods for YOUR body now, during this phase of your life.
  • See how easy making healthy food is
  • Eat delicious, healthy, nutritious foods that feed and fuel every cell in your body
  • Techniques and tools to decrease stress
  • Food as well as tools to help you balance your hormones
  • Insight into emotional eating and how to stop it

You will also learn how hormones and stress directly affect every single aspect of your life and how they also completely determine whether you continue to gain weight and are able to lose weight.

That is why this phase of life is so different.


21 Day Program

“What to eat and do in midlife to boost energy, release weight and decrease stress”

CLICK HERE to read more.

This program is great for those that are either just starting on this healthy eating journey or have been trying for a while but can't seem to find what works.

This is digital program, done mostly in a Private Facebook Group – where I do coaching through LIVE FB Videos as well as you get recipes for the 3 weeks and handouts that help you prep your food so eating healthy all week is easy!

You have journaling prompts for each of the 21 days. This will help you work on shifting your beliefs and habits so that you stay on track, integrate this new healthy lifestyle into your life so that it stays with you. You also have insights to what has been holding you back and how to release it and move forward in a more positive way in the future.


30 Day Group Program

“30 Days to vibrant energy & health. What it takes in midlife to lose weight and feel great!”

CLICK HERE for more information.

This program is geared to those who would like more individualized help, guidance and coaching. It is a small group of women. We do a live coaching call 1 x a week. This is done as a video conference call.

You can see and hear me and we can all hear and see each other also. It is like being in person.

You get to ask me any specific questions pertaining to what you are dealing with. Each week we can deal with what has come up – any challenges, struggles and things that you need assistance with.

This is by far where you get more profound results (faster) as you get the live coaching experience.

This program is more flexible as when I work with the women in the group I cater the program information to what you want to learn/know/do. So each time I do the program it is a bit different.

You get all the recipes, videos on “how-to”, handouts that you can refer to that help you in all areas. 

We also start with an assessment to see exactly where you are now and what is your first step for YOU. Each woman is different.

As well we do work on the “mindset” – which is very, very crucial. Because you can have all the information, books, equipment and still not stick to healthy eating and lifestyle.

You will always be able to access all the recipes, handouts and videos as each week has it's own web page so all the info for that week is in 1 place for you to view.

As you can see there are both amazing programs.


(1) 2 months FREE access into my paid coaching group ($94.00 value!)

(2) 1 on 1 call with me where we get to the heart of what has been stalling your progress. I can usually tell within 15 minutes – 1/2 hour of talking to you. ($90.00 value)



If you sign up for the 30 Day Program – you will get access to all the recipes and journaling from the 21 Day Program.


If you wish to talk to me more about this and/or are not sure which one would be best for you – contact me at: diana@dianamarchand.com and I would be happy to speak with you (no obligation or cost).


Wishing you

Health & Happiness!

Much Love,