6 Things to Consider for Midlife Weight Loss

6 things to consider for midlife weight loss

After working with hundreds of women in this phase of life these are 6 things that I know help when you desire to make change that gets you results when trying to lose weight in midlife and beyond.

(1)  Be open to change

Change can be hard for people and if you are already really busy and dealing with extra stress and some of the symptoms that are leaving you low in energy and feeling “blah” you may not feel like taking “extra” action.

Know that if you don't change – nothing will change.

The change that lasts is from the inside out. You can put out a lot of physical effort (all the “doing”) but if you do not change the person you are inside, then the change will not last.

The person you were (and are) has gotten you what you experience right now in your life. That can also mean the weight gain. The low energy and the bad habits

So to break through that and begin to lose the weight, have more energy, feel more happy with your life and yourself as well as having the health and positive habits, it requires you to “become” the person who….._______.

That is an inner change.

When you go to make change within yourself, resistance will come up. The “inner” you will not want to change. This is when sabotage happens to. The inner battle between what and who you used to be and what and who you desire to become.

This is normal. You can overcome this. Keep moving forward and taking the action that is going to get you the results you desire. This requires you to also change your thoughts, beliefs and words.


You need to actually start. Even if it is making small consistent steps. Start now and start with something. (I give you ideas in the video). 

Start with even committing to having a warm lemon water when you first get up. Then a green smoothie. You CAN still have a coffee. It doesn't mean “all-or-nothing”. It doesn't mean you have to give up everything you like. That way of thinking will cause you to NEVER even start. 

Know that small consistent changes and actions can have the biggest impact.

Always waiting for the time to be perfect or for you to “feel” like it – that will never happen. Get real about this.

(3) Get real with yourself

What do you desire? What results? How do you desire to look? How do you desire to feel? What do you desire to be like?

What do you really “think” that it will require for you to achieve that?

For example if you think it is going to require you to go to the gym 5 days a week for 2 hours each time – you probably won't do it.

If you think it is going to require you to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals – you will avoid it.

Write out what you think it is going to take for you to achieve what you desire.

Then take a good look at it. Is is real? Or are you exaggerating? Most likely your mind has been making a really BIG deal out of it.

Most likely you imagine it is so much BIGGER than it has to be. (I explain this good in the video).

Now – what are you willing to do to get started?

What are some actions you could take right now? REMEMBER – small, consistent actions are best.

(4) More good & less bad.

Keep it simple.

Include WAY more healthy foods each day. Veggies and greens (cooked and raw). The more of those you add into your day, the less cravings you will have.

Read all labels. Notice what you have been eating. Start with adding more and more healthy foods into your day and you will notice that the “bad” foods begin to slowly decrease.

(5) Do not beat yourself up.

Love yourself through every step of this. Respect yourself and your body. When you love yourself, respect yourself and care for yourself you will naturally take care of your body better.

You are an amazing person. It doesn't matter what you have or haven't done in the past. Each day and each minute you can start again. 

You are perfect just as you are. Focus on health and focus on nurturing YOU!

NEVER give up. Healthy living is not a temporary thing. It is not something you do for 2 weeks, 21 days or 3 months. It is forever!

There is no urgency. There is no falling behind. There is no failing. Just continue on. 

A 1 year old learning to walk does not give up. No matter how many times they fall. They continue trying. They never give up. 


Surround yourself with people who are inspiring you to move forward. Surround yourself with people who understand what you are going through. Who are experiencing many of the same things but are also willing to work though this, take positive action, think positively and be excited about the journey.

Get help and learn what you can do. This speeds up the process SO MUCH!

I know, I see it all the time. Women in my programs get results within the 1st WEEK! 

In 21 days they get more results than they had in the last year or two or more!

When you are taking the RIGHT steps and actions for YOU during this phase of life – change happens. You GET results.

But if you spend a whole lot of time and energy trying many different things that are just not working – then you don't get results.

You are different. Your body is different. That requires things to be different for you.

Surrounding yourself with women who can relate, are going through many of the same things and are inspired and motivated helps you. 

You most likely do not have these things in your “real” life. (That is just a fact).

THIS is why women get such great results in my programs!

It is the FASTEST way.

You can try on your own but if you are not on the right track and you don't have the support, getting results is going to be very difficult. As you may already know.

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