5 Ways I Eat Differently Than Most People

Watch the video for the 5 Ways I Eat Differently Than Most People

The way I think about meals and the way I eat really works for me.

When I changed how I ate and how I thought about “meals” I had way more energy, the weight gain stopped (and I lost weight), I am able to maintain a good weight and I NEVER have to buy larger clothes. 

The way I eat also keeps me healthy! I do not get sick! Even in this “cold and flu season”.

Can This Work for You?

If you are a woman over 45 you are probably noticing that what used to work, isn't working any more.

Your body is changing so it only makes sense that there are some changes you should make also. That is if you want to feel your best.

Were you raised eating 3 “square” meals a day?

I sure was.

The way we were raised, how we ate, how we were told we should eat and what to eat stays with us for a very long time.

For one, we believed our parents knew best so if they told us that was right – then it must be.

They were only doing what they thought was right and what they were told – the media at that time was pushing meat, dairy and wheat. 

The good thing about when I was growing up is that they were home-made meals and we didn't eat “fast” food that often.

We also ate at very specific times. Dinner was always at 5:30. If I was hungry or not – it was time to sit down and eat EVERYTHING on my plate.

How about you?

How did you do with that?

Fast forward now (or the last few years) – I eat a lot differently than I was raised. But for me – it works.

This is what is SO CRUCIAL!

Not everyone is the same. Not everyone is the same at various times of life too.

You wouldn't feed a toddler the same food you feed a teenager!

Once we finish puberty – we continue to eat the same way (basically) forever – now that is just crazy!

Are we still not changing?

Of course we are!

So many things change – you admit you are a very different person than when you were 18.

Even when you were in your 20's and early 30's!

Yet, are you still eating the same kinds of foods?


If you are experiencing symptoms you do not like, if you are tired, even exhausted, if you are bloated and have digestive problems, if you are gaining weight and cannot lose it, if you experience aches and pains, feel puffy, are noticing food sensitivities you never used to have…..then don't you think something has to change?


I know, you are so busy and making changes actually takes a bit of work. Especially if you are not sure what to do. If you are not sure what needs to be changed, or if you are already eating good, who knows? What is right, what isn't right? There is so much conflicting information out there.

Who has time to sort through it?

It is a lot about making a “mindset” shift. Because of the way you were raised. Because of the way you think about meals.

If you are ready to make the change, to learn what it takes, to have more energy, to end the digestive problems, to feel vibrant again, to have glowing skin, to stop the weight gain, to eat healthy foods that make you feel vibrant and to find out exactly what works for you so that you do not have to “guess” anymore. To have delicious recipes that feed and fuel you body so you can feel your best – then contact me (diana@dianamarchand.com) and find out what you can do. 

I have various ways I work with people and I know we can find one that is perfect for you. Get the support, guidance and accountability that you need.


Wishing you,

Health, Happiness, Passion & Purpose!

With Love, Diana