3 Crucial Things For Midlife Weight Loss

3 Crucial Things for Midlife Weightloss

Below is a Facebook Live video I did (it is not edited) and then I uploaded to YouTube.

The 3 things I feel you really need to work on to feel so much better during the midlife changes and after!

Focusing on “just the weight loss” will not work.

The 3 Crucial Things are:


This is the crucial one – you will most likely continue to gain weight if you don't get this straightened out. Your body is and has changed so what used to work, doesn't work anymore. I tell you why.


Stress is almost more important than food – stress greatly affects your weight, energy, health and moods and you may not even realize that you are actually under a lot of continuous stress.

In the video I explain more and what you can do.


This one cannot be left out and yet so many people do leave it out or do not work on it. Your thoughts are so powerful. 

The thoughts we think over and over again become our beliefs and then we take action on those. 

What are you thinking? You are most likely unaware of your habitual ways of thinking and talking (to yourself and others) and how that is greatly affecting your energy, weight, moods and health. 


This may seem like a lot – but you know what?

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