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A 21 day guided experience through the inner and outer shifts required for midlife weight loss and a life of vibrant energy, health, joy and ease!

SHIFT out of 

struggle, worry, fear, frustration, confusion, low energy, uncertainty

TO more

ease, flow, joy, inner knowing, certainty and positive energy!

How would this change your life?

How can these shifts help you to lose weight and experience vibrant energy and health?

The things that contribute to your low energy, weight gain and dis-ease within your body are the layers of limiting beliefs, habits and your inner patterns (programming).

Those inner dynamics cause the on-again off-again of healthy eating, emotional eating, procrastination, feeling unmotivated and uninspired, feeling like it is too hard and believing that you don’t have enough time.

The excuses, stories and false beliefs STOP you from taking the actions required to have more energy, improve and maintain your health as well as lose the excess fat.

Once you begin to remove those, your actions change. When your inner beliefs and actions change, your reality changes.

“The difference between people who make their dreams come true and those of us that don’t, is just one thing: the courage to start and the discipline to keep going.”

Mel Robbins

Are you ready to live a more vibrant life?

Are you ready to live your life with more flow and ease?

What does that mean?

Consciously living in the moments and taking aligned action on what your life is presenting to you.

Find your inner inspiration and motivation and grab onto your “vision” of how you desire to LIVE and BE in your life and let that guide and pull you towards it.

When you let go of struggle, your life flows with more ease.

You gain clarity on what is important to you and begin to nurture that.

  • You let go of the layers of crap that have been dragging you down.
  • Your energy increases and you feel more focused.
  • You take better care of you!
  • You naturally eat healthier foods and you love it, you find ways to move your body each day that feel great!
  • You trust that you can handle anything and that all the answers are within you.
  • Each day you re-commit to designing a life YOU desire to live.
  • You set powerful, loving boundaries that allow other people to take responsibility for their life and you take radical responsibility for yours.
  • You have more time for you because you which creates more joy and therefore improves all aspects of your life.
  • You live each day feeling empowered, powerful and confident.

Vibrant energy, health & weight loss in midlife

How can this program help?

To make lasting “outer” changes, you must first make the “inner” changes.

What does that mean?

You cannot get different results by being the same person with the same beliefs, thoughts, actions, habits and energy that you have now.

That is just not possible. 

To get different/new results you must first make the inner shifts/changes that will then bring about the “outer” changes that will actually last.

To change your lifestyle, you must first change you. I do not mean that you are not “good enough” now. That is not what I mean.

To do things differently in your life (habits, actions, thoughts, beliefs) requires you to have different habits, actions, thoughts and beliefs. 

The old ones that you have been running will not get you anything NEW or different.

This does NOT have to be complicated or hard. It first requires AWARENESS of where you are now and what program you have running within you that has created your current circumstances/way of life/weight, etc.

Awareness is where to start.

From that awareness, you begin to take steps towards changing that inner programming.

Once you make those SHIFTS you can more easily change your habits, behaviours, actions, beliefs and energy in a way that gets you the results.

Those “SHIFTS” are exactly what I will be guiding you through in this program.

It is a NEW year and it is time for you to step into living with more vibrant energy and health!

We begin pre-work, Monday, January 20th. Don’t miss that!

The 21 days start Monday, January 27th

ONLY $222

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V.I.P. Option Available

For those that wish private and personal guidance with me.

2 one-on-one sessions with me added onto this program done through conference video (where we both see & talk to each other)

They can be done at anytime.

I will also send you specific information that I believe will help you in a powerful way. (Handouts, recipes, videos).

This will benefit you greatly as you get customized support, guidance and resources that will better help you to get the results you desire.

ALL for ONLY $297.00

If you are Canadian and wish to purchase this – you can send an e-transfer to me at diana@dianamarchand.com or e-mail me if you wish to have an invoice sent to you in CAD$.

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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”



Pre-work (begins January 20th)

Pick an area (maybe 2) of your life you are going to work on during this program.

Week #1State  (begins January 27)

Awareness and assessment of where you are now. How you got to where you are. What is working in your life and what is not.


What you focus on expands. We look at where your focus has been. NOTE: most of this is unconscious. I will show you how to know where your focus has been and how to shift the focus each day to begin to create something new.

Week #2Perception

We talk about your perception of yourself. Your identity. What is your current identity? You can tell by the various statements you make about yourself that start with “I am ______”
Example: “I am someone who eats when stressed.” “I am always so stressed at work.” “I am someone who can never stick to eating healthy.”

Statements such as those are VERY powerful and truly create what goes on in your body and in your life.


What you believe you receive. What you expect you get. Your beliefs and how you “feel” on a daily basis creates your reality in all areas of your life.

We will uncover your limiting beliefs and work on reframing them to new beliefs that support you to get the results you desire.

Week #3Energy

How you can boost your energy, health and weight loss by the foods you eat, decreasing stress and how you react and respond to other people and situations.

How does this program work?

  • The pre-work will begin in the private Facebook Group on Monday, January 20th. This is where the program is delivered. 
  • The Facebook Community (Group) is a safe, private, supportive, positive and amazing group with women who are going through much the same as you are.
  • I will be doing LIVE Coaching videos and Q&A sessions in the Facebook Group each week (2 a week) on specific topics that will guide you in this process. I will take time to answer any questions you have.
  • I will do one audio for you each week (usually for the weekend) with questions/journal prompts for you (like homework) that will help guide you to make the shifts in a way that work for you.
  • The program covers what is best for the woman within the group. None of my programs are exactly the same as I really do cater to the specific women in each group.
  • The handouts will be sent to you through e-mail as well as information on the upcoming trainings and Q&A sessions with me.
  • This program is very interactive and is such a positive and supportive environment. You will LOVE it!
  • You will feel fully supported and have space to focus on YOU and really begin to create a powerful life

I get it. I know what you are going through. I have been there!

I have found what works during this phase of life and that is why I am so passionate about sharing and helping other women.

I am also passionate about living life to the fullest which requires health! I believe life is to be experienced and enjoyed no matter what age you are!

I changed and simplified my life years ago so that I could do things that bring me joy and help others experience vibrant health, energy and more joy and ease in their life.

In my programs and coaching I work with the body, mind and spirit. To me that is what health is all about.

I am a health, wellness & mindset coach for women over 40. I help guide women through the mid-life changes and beyond.

I help you understand what is going on in your body (and emotions) and what you can do to bring your body and life into better balance.

What is the right way of eating for YOU during this phase of life, tips tools and techniques to help decrease stress & the mindset shifts required for vibrant energy, health & weight loss in midlife!

To help you bring your body, mind and spirit into better balance and alignment.

I have also been a personal trainer, post-rehab conditioning specialist, yoga instructor, raw food chef and life coach. I have studied nutrition and the midlife hormonal changes. I use all my knowledge and experience to help you bring your body and life into better balance, lose the midlife weight, boost your energy, greatly decrease stress and shift into living with more joy and ease.