Can’t lose weight? It is usually always about the food!

The stubborn weight gain that you just can't lose. You can blame it on so many things. Hormones, no motivation, your job, or not exercising enough but.... what I usually ALWAYS find is that it IS THE FOOD. It IS that you are not eating RIGHT for this phase of [...]


How to decrease Hot Flashes & what makes them worse

What causes HOT FLASHES? What makes them worse? AND...What can you do to decrease them? The most popular symptom known with regards to menopause is "HOT FLASHES". I remember when my mom was going through the change and she used to have some pretty wicked hot flashes and she would fan herself and her [...]


Adrenal Fatigue – what is it & what can you do?

Adrenal Fatigue Adrenal fatigue is very serious if it is not treated. I had it extremely bad when I was in my mid 40's. If you are feeling tired, even exhausted, lack of motivation, over-emotional or really stressed... You may be at the stage of feeling apathetic. Not caring at all. No inspiration or [...]


Can exercise stop weight loss in midlife?

What is the right exercise to do in midlife? This is a very popular question that I get. I have worked as a personal trainer at a smaller one-on-one training studio. It was an amazing experienced and I went through extensive training even once I was hired. It was an amazing experience. I [...]