Exercise and Belly Fat – what works?

Is there an exercise(s) that you can do that can help get rid of the belly fat? I am (used to work as) a personal trainer so I have been asked this question a lot. The belly fat really begins to pack on in midlife. It is stubborn. It is frustrating and what used to [...]


A “simple” rule to follow to get results

I was reading some clients comments in one of my program groups. I have many clients that have followed me for a while and take many of my programs. Her life has really changed and she was mentioning that and I responded with exactly "WHY" she did/does get results. It is such a simple thing. [...]


5 mistakes made when trying to lose weight & Q & A

The other morning I did a GREAT live video in my Facebook Community "Women Creating Healthy Lives" (CLICK HERE to join if you are not a member). The topic was "The 5 mistakes women make when trying to lose weight in midlife".  It was also a scheduled Q & A for members of [...]


Do I still need to worry about what I eat in post menopause?

Do I still have to worry about what I eat in post-menopause? Do I still gain weight and have any symptoms? I get asked these questions a lot and I can see why? When you are going through the midlife change it can feel like it is never going to end. When I [...]