How to handle stress in the moment

The effects of stress: Decrease your immune system Blunts hormone production Causes weight gain Prevents you from losing weight Increases inflammation in the body Causes adrenal fatigue which can affect Thyroid as well as leave you exhausted Causes a toxic body Leads to heart problems and other organ problems Can lead to illness [...]


Cook Veggies & Greens fast and easy – the BEST way!

This video shows you my FAVOURITE way of cooking veggies and greens. It is fast and easy!   I happen to LOVE greens and vegetables!! I am a VEGGIE NERD for sure. Do you sometimes say "I don't have time to make a healthy meal!" OR "Healthy food is so time consuming to [...]


Walnut Artichoke Paté – Food for your hormones

Feed your hormones for balance If you haven't tried anything like this, I highly encourage you to try this! It tastes amazing. (I have a video on "how to make" below.) The great thing about this is not only the taste, but how great this is for you! And you can serve it to your [...]