What does meat have to do with belly fat?

Do you consume conventional meat? The meat you buy at a regular grocery store.  Are you having problems with weight gain - especially around the belly? Check out the video and see what is up.... Of course there are many other reasons for the weight gain in the middle in midlife - but [...]


The Physical & Emotional Symptoms of Perimenopause/Menopause

Below is a fantastic training I did on Facebook Live about my journey through Perimenopause & Menopause. I talk about what I went through, what I have learned and I talk candidly on some of the emotional symptoms that most people do not talk about but are so very important. I see this midlife phase [...]


7 Steps to Release Weight, Boost Energy and Live with Vibrant Health

In the video I give you 7 steps/7 things (wasn't sure what to call them) but it is not really about following a list of to-do's. It is about getting to the place where you "KNOW" what to do - for YOU.  There are thousands of diets. Most even claim that they WILL [...]