Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

The Perfect Breakfast - A Delicious, Nutritious, Chocolately Bowl of Goodness! Have you tried a smoothie bowl yet? I have had 1-2 green smoothies every day for years now. I still love them. I do, but I am someone who loves change and likes to try different things. So having a smoothie in a bowl and [...]


Loosing Fat During Perimenopause & Menopause

I know, the title is not something I would usually publish. BUT........ I was requested, by a lady who is part of my Facebook Community (Women Creating Healthy Lives).  I actually love the topic of why women gain weight in perimenopause because it is quite complex and it involves things that most women are unaware [...]


5 Steps to Vibrant Energy & Health in 2017

5 Steps to Live With More Vibrant Energy & Health I did a live Facebook Video for the New Year - one that I hope motivates you to get on and or stay on the healthy pat for 2017. My phone died as I was doing the video so it ended it in 2 parts. [...]