50-50 Chance of Cancer & How Bad is Stress?

I was at a training a few days ago and it was really fantastic!!!! The speaker was a lady who is a cancer researcher and a holistic nutritionist. She is so knowledgeable and extremely interesting. I learned so much!!! (NOTE: Video starts 1/4 way through, not sure why. So make sure to start it [...]


Chickpea Artichoke Spread & Eating Right for YOU

CHICKPEA ARTICHOKE SPREAD This is fast, easy, healthy & delicious! This spread would also be great in lettuce wraps, on celery, crackers or anything else you can think of. I suggest you also add some fresh greens, thinly sliced bell peppers or cucumber and sprouts or even avocado when using in a wrap. [...]


Turmeric Quinoa Chickpea Soup

An anti-inflammatory soup that warms the soul! The above picture is from a picture I took of the real soup (will post at end of post) using a cool app called "Painnt". We know the great health benefits of Turmeric (anit-inflammatory & antioxidants) and I love the flavour but often we combine it with curry [...]