Which one can you relate to? #1 or #2? What is holding you back?

When it comes to healthy eating - consistently - there are many things that can appear to "get in the way". So what can we do? I posted a question on Facebook recently asking for input. I had 2 possible answers (scenarios) and the results were very interesting and eye opening. This is a sign [...]


Curry Yam Peanut Butter Soup & “I don’t have time”

A savoury, super creamy, warming soup! Yams, ginger, carrots, peanut butter, onions, garlic and warming spices give this soup its fantastic flavour. This soup is great on it's own or add some quinoa for more texture and protein! Quinoa is also anti-viral, anti-cancer and has anti-depressant effects. I think this would also be great over broccoli [...]


My BEST Dahl Recipe yet! & Eating Healthy All Week

I have tried a few Dahl recipes - I always add things of my own and change it up each time I make it.  This last time I made it - I have to say it was my BEST! I love Dahl and didn't eat it much until I came to Edmonton and went to [...]


Amazing Blueberry Breakfast Cookies!

These cookies, loaded with nutrient dense grains, nuts, seeds and of course BLUEBERRIES are so good! I brought some of them when I went to visit my mom and I was surprised how much she loved them!   Why I love cookies like this is that they taste good, they are healthy and they are FULL [...]