How To Eat Healthy At Work – Packing Healthy Lunch

This is my haul from the Saturday St Albert Farmers Market. That market is so amazing! I am here visiting my daughter and family and even though this city is not where I would choose to live (grew up here) it has a lot of great things about it.  I lived in St Albert when [...]


Kale Noodle Salad & Trying to change someone

This made this salad last night (the picture could be better.....) I have never combined a kale salad with rice noodles but it's really good! (Below the recipe is a video in which I talk about how when you decide to change your eating - eat healthier - and you want that for your family too [...]


Walnut Lime Pate with Collard Wrap (Recipe Video)

With this hot summer we are having it is nice to have something that doesn't require heating up the house.  This pate is really fresh and delicious. I love salads but if you are hungry sometimes a salad does not cut it so this pate is great for still having a really healthy dinner that [...]