How to handle stress in the moment

The effects of stress: Decrease your immune system Blunts hormone production Causes weight gain Prevents you from losing weight Increases inflammation in the body Causes adrenal fatigue which can affect Thyroid as well as leave you exhausted Causes a toxic body Leads to heart problems and other organ problems Can lead to illness [...]


Cook Veggies & Greens fast and easy – the BEST way!

This video shows you my FAVOURITE way of cooking veggies and greens. It is fast and easy!   I happen to LOVE greens and vegetables!! I am a VEGGIE NERD for sure. Do you sometimes say "I don't have time to make a healthy meal!" OR "Healthy food is so time consuming to [...]


Walnut Artichoke Paté – Food for your hormones

Feed your hormones for balance If you haven't tried anything like this, I highly encourage you to try this! It tastes amazing. (I have a video on "how to make" below.) The great thing about this is not only the taste, but how great this is for you! And you can serve it to your [...]


Emotional Eating, snacking at night, eating when bored…..

Do you do any of these?  Emotionally eating, eating when bored, eating when stressed, snacking at night? I didn't realize I was actually emotionally eating until I was reading a book about it (for clients) and I had a HUGE ah-ha moment! In this video I talk about what I discovered about myself [...]


BELLY FAT and this hormone

The stubborn fat around your mid-section that you just cannot lose! It seems to be growing. I know I have talked a lot about how stress and lowering hormones levels (progesterone and estrogen) can cause this. TODAY I am talking about another very important hormone that causes this fat and also the inability to get [...]


ZOODLES! Fun to make, delicious to eat

ZOODLES! Noodles made with vegetables. (Recipe and video on how to make below) I eat a TON of veggies. I mean a TON. So making them more interesting is definitely key. I love preparing them in fun ways.  Mostly I eat quite plain. I keep things simple because of time and in my programs I [...]


How to let go of old beliefs that hold you back

How to form beliefs that will move you forward towards your best life, instead of holding you back.   The video below explains a very powerful process that I go through each day that helps build and strengthen NEW POWERFUL BELIEFS, thoughts and actions that then CREATE positive, powerful change which LEAD TO GREAT RESULTS! [...]


Simple Hummus with Artichokes (video recipe)

Hummus is fantastic! It is so versatile and the perfect snack! (Recipe and video below) What I did in this simple recipe is I added some chopped artichokes (which I love!). I also have a recipe on my blog where I added avocado to the hummus. That is fantastic also. I made this with my [...]