What does meat have to do with belly fat?

Do you consume conventional meat? The meat you buy at a regular grocery store.  Are you having problems with weight gain - especially around the belly? Check out the video and see what is up.... Of course there are many other reasons for the weight gain in the middle in midlife - but [...]


The Physical & Emotional Symptoms of Perimenopause/Menopause

Below is a fantastic training I did on Facebook Live about my journey through Perimenopause & Menopause. I talk about what I went through, what I have learned and I talk candidly on some of the emotional symptoms that most people do not talk about but are so very important. I see this midlife phase [...]


7 Steps to Release Weight, Boost Energy and Live with Vibrant Health

In the video I give you 7 steps/7 things (wasn't sure what to call them) but it is not really about following a list of to-do's. It is about getting to the place where you "KNOW" what to do - for YOU.  There are thousands of diets. Most even claim that they WILL [...]


Tips for Eating Healthy During Holidays

Are you making healthy eating during the holidays too HARD? Do you have the belief that when the holidays come that you are going to be tempted by all the goodies and completely eat whatever is around you? Do you feel that there will be no healthy options and you will have no choice but [...]


Magic Pill for Weight Loss? In a way there is…..

Are there supplements that can aide in weight loss, even when you are going through perimenopause and menopause? I would say YES for sure. Does that surprise you? There are some great products out there that can help your body balance blood sugar levels and give it some great nutrition so that it can detoxify [...]


Vegan Gluten-free Healthy Crackers

Delicious Nutrient Dense, Healthy Crackers  You can make yourself. Vegan & gluten-free. I have made a lot of raw crackers - which are dehydrated (not baked in oven), but they take a very long time so having a baked recipe that also makes really good crackers is ideal! (The baked are not as healthy as [...]


If you are stalled from getting results – try this…

Ahhh those moments when you are so frustrated because nothing seems to work! You are stalled... You can't seem to lose the weight, or maybe you have been exercising and nothing seems to be changing... The plato. So now what? What are you supposed to do now? Well, do NOT give up. In the video [...]