Vegan Gluten-free Healthy Crackers

Delicious Nutrient Dense, Healthy Crackers  You can make yourself. Vegan & gluten-free. I have made a lot of raw crackers - which are dehydrated (not baked in oven), but they take a very long time so having a baked recipe that also makes really good crackers is ideal! (The baked are not as healthy as [...]


How I keep the Weight Off in Midlife

Midlife.... What a crazy ride this is! But ....... it can also be an amazing time and a time to break through and really begin living a life that you LOVE. It is really YOUR time now. There are many symptoms that women go through during the perimenpause and menopause BUT the one that women [...]


If you are stalled from getting results – try this…

Ahhh those moments when you are so frustrated because nothing seems to work! You are stalled... You can't seem to lose the weight, or maybe you have been exercising and nothing seems to be changing... The plato. So now what? What are you supposed to do now? Well, do NOT give up. In the video [...]


How to make Sprouts – it’s so easy!

SPROUTS The PERFECT food for fall and winter. Super packed with nutrition, sprouts are a power-packed food with live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and protein.   How I make sprouts - this is super easy!   Sprouts contain a significant amount of protein and dietary fiber, as well as vitamin K, folate, pantothenic acid, niacin, thiamin,vitamin C, vitamin A, and riboflavin. In terms [...]


Why is it so hard to lose weight in midlife?

Yes, this phase of life is when "what used to work, doesn't work anymore". I know, I have been there.  In this video I talk about the reasons why you gain weight during this phase and why it is so hard to lose it. But.... it is not impossible. I did it and I have [...]


How to Stop The Mid-life Weight Gain (video)

How to Stop Mid-life Weight Gain I did a great training in my Facebook Community "Women Creating Healthy Lives" (if you are not yet part of it - come and JOIN US!). I realize that there are many things going on in the body during this phase of our life. It is not a simple [...]


Try these when you are tired of salads – Rice Rolls & Nori Rolls

2 Delicious, Easy, Rolls to make when you just don't feel like another salad! Below I have a video on how to easily make both of these. RICE ROLLS (Salad Rolls) NORI ROLLS  VIDEO Making Rice Rolls and Nori Rolls Below is a recipe for a dipping sauce for the Rice Rolls. You [...]


RESULTS – When you change your eating & thinking

I have a couple videos that are about so much more than "just the weight loss". Because it is never that simple. It is never just about that. The 1st Video Are you caught up in the "doing, doing, doing"? So many women are and so who has time do add anything extra to their [...]