Try these when you are tired of salads – Rice Rolls & Nori Rolls

2 Delicious, Easy, Rolls to make when you just don't feel like another salad! Below I have a video on how to easily make both of these. RICE ROLLS (Salad Rolls) NORI ROLLS  VIDEO Making Rice Rolls and Nori Rolls Below is a recipe for a dipping sauce for the Rice Rolls. You [...]


RESULTS – When you change your eating & thinking

I have a couple videos that are about so much more than "just the weight loss". Because it is never that simple. It is never just about that. The 1st Video Are you caught up in the "doing, doing, doing"? So many women are and so who has time do add anything extra to their [...]


3 Crucial Things For Midlife Weight Loss

3 Crucial Things for Midlife Weightloss Below is a Facebook Live video I did (it is not edited) and then I uploaded to YouTube. The 3 things I feel you really need to work on to feel so much better during the midlife changes and after! Focusing on "just the weight loss" will not work. [...]


Yam Noodles, Broccoli with Curry Tahini Sauce

The perfect pairing of yams and broccoli and the creamy curry sauce adds to amazing flavour. You might be asking - where are the yam noodles in this bowl? Well, they kind of fell apart when I cooked them. You see in the video (below) that I did make the yam noodles using my Veggetti. [...]


Why you are not be losing weight in Menopause & my experience

Why the weight gain in midlife? What is going on ?  My free training on "Why you are not losing the weight and what I did during perimenopause to help the symptoms and lose weight"   If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at If you wish to talk [...]


Focusing on Weight Loss Can STOP Weight Loss

It can be very frustrating when you goal is to lose weight but you don't! Nothing seems to work. That leaves you frustrated, confused, a bit angry and ready to just give up! Watch the video (as I also prep my food for the week) and I talk about: (This video is from a FB [...]