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Diana Marchand presents:



Live with vibrant energy & health!

Do you crave more energy?

Sick of feeling tired, bloated and “blah”?

Do you have a growing muffin-top (or should I use waist-line) and you want it to STOP?

Do you desire to feel happy, vibrant and passionate about life?

Let’s face it – your body is changing….

  • Have you gained weight that you can’t seem to lose?
  • Are you scared of gaining more and not being able to stop it? 
  • Are you often tired and even exhausted but are not sure why?
  • Do you crave the energy you once had and wonder if it will ever come back? 
  • Do you long for time to do things you love and not have to do everything for everyone else first?
  • Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed at times?
  • Do you feel bloated and uncomfortable?
  • Are some days an emotional roller coaster?
  • Do you look in the mirror and wonder “who is this person” – so much is changing and you are not sure what to do about it? 
  • Are you searching for more meaning, more fulfillment and more passion in your life?

Your body is changing and what used to work, isn’t working for you anymore.

I get it – I have been there

salespage1I know – because I have been there. I started when I was in my early 40’s.

I experienced so many of the symptoms. I felt exhausted, my moods were all over the place and I was stressed. I thought I was going crazy. I even ended up in adrenal fatigue – I crashed.

I gained weight – I got a muffin top, for the first time in my life. I was a personal trainer and a yoga instructor and I was not feeling good.

I felt alone and frustrated because I didn’t know what was going on or what I could do about it. I knew it was up to me to find the right solutions for me

After doing a lot of research and tweaking my diet over and over again, I found what worked and I began to feel great again.

I lost weight in my mid to late 40’s at a time when women put on weight. I got down to a weight I was in my 20’s!

It was a journey but it fueled my passion to help women at this stage of life. There are things you can do, there are changes you can make.

You desire to feel better and it’s time you do!

For things to change, you must make some changes. But they don’t have to be hard. You don’t have to deprive yourself.

How would you like to

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Have vibrant energy and stop the mid-day crashes

Stop the weight gain and shrink the belly fat without starving yourself with crazy diets

Stop the calorie counting, weighing food or counting points

Eat foods that fuel your energy, rev up your metabolism, give you glowing skin, eliminate the bloating and water retention, decrease inflammation and boost your immune system

Know what foods help you feel your best and how to prepare them in fast and simple ways. Foods that are delicious, satisfying and give you energy.

Discover your “why” and true desires and create a life fuelled by health, fulfillment & passion!


Does this sound good to you?

I have helped hundreds of women gain energy, lose weight, fall in love with healthy, nutritious foods, learn how to prepare them in fast and simple ways, take action and develop a mindset that keeps them on track, motivated and inspired. All while decreasing stress and overwhelm and opening up more time for them.

50 is a time of transformation. Embrace it and step into a life that lights you up!

A life of vibrant health, energy, passion & fulfillment

One that reflects who you are now and who you are becoming



Being a single mother since my daughter was 2, I suppressed my true desires for years and years. I always knew I wanted a big, bold life but I played it safe.

Because of past conditioning from family, I tried to fit into the “mold” of what a woman, wife and mother should be. But it never felt right for me.

I wanted a different life than anyone I knew had. I wanted to live in a way that truly felt right for me. I knew I was meant for more, for living expressing my heart and soul. To reach out and help others.

My conditioning to stay small and accept what is and to just be happy with what I had – kept me stuck, unfulfilled and knowing I wanted more.

It wasn’t material things I craved but really living and exploring life – mind, body and spirit.

Around the age of 40 I finally claimed MY life and began to make big changes. Letting go of what others expected of me and dug deep into finding out what I really wanted.

That led me to pursue my passion in health and wellness and it has been evolving ever since. I am 51 and I am continually expressing, living, exploring, learning and growing.

It is not too late for you!

You are reading this for a reason.

There is help, guidance, support and accountability available to you.

Just say yes to it!


“Release old ideas and embrace the necessary change so you can live your best life.”

Colette Baron Reid


skipping on beach900x600

My “Happy, Healthy, and Hot!” program is your next step.

Chose from two payment options:

Pay $697 one time, or chose 3 payments of $250.

What my clients say about this program:

“Diana brought a wealth of knowledge, experience and fun, creative ideas to this group. She allowed me to see food as a new experience to be enjoyed knowing that everything I prepared was something my body needed and could benefit from. Eating healthy didn’t have to be a lot of work – she showed us how to keep things simple! This was an amazing journey.”

Shirley Schmeisser


You’ve tried it on your own. It’s time to get it right and get results!


The program runs 8 weeks and for a limited time I am offering a fantastic bonus of 2 free 1 on 1 laser coaching sessions with me. More about these below.

The 3 areas of focus in the program are:

(1)  The Food

When you eat the right foods you will experience: more energy, youthful skin, decreased inflammation, weight loss, boost in your metabolism, decreased cravings, strong immune system, detoxify, less digestive problems, better sleep and you will feel happier.

  • Learn to prepare simple, fast, nutritious, delicious meals even if you don’t have much experience
  • Learn tasty, healthy alternatives to some of the fatty, sugary foods you may love
  • Learn prepping tips that make it easy to eat healthy all week
  • Receive recipes, menu plans and shopping lists. Take the stress and guess work out of meal planning and trying to find good tasting recipes that don’t take hours to prepare.

(2)  Time

One of the things I hear most from women is “I don’t have enough time.” 

  • Go through a discovery process to free up more time, release and let go of what isn’t serving your anymore and open up space to allow time  to do more of what you love.
  • Start your day with focus, clarity, peace and calm. Be more productive, less stressed and have a more positive attitude.
  • Get to a place where you are able to focus on your health, instead of worrying about everyone else before yourself

(3)  Mindset

Without the right mindset, you won’t follow through, you will give up, not get results and end up frustrated and angry with yourself once again. 

  • Begin to release negative beliefs, patterns and habits that do not serve you anymore.
  • Get crystal clear on your why and true desires and stop the self-sabotage.
  • Get a handle on emotional eating and what could be the cause.
  • Become more confident, happier and at peace with who you are and who you are becoming
  • Stop letting other people’s energy, expectations, resistance and judgement penetrate and affect you.


You will also gain a better understanding of what your body is going through at this stage of life and why it requires making some changes and shifts – but these do not need to be hard. Having the right guidance, support and information makes it so much easier.


The program contains 5 modules outlined below.

NOTE: These are subject to change as during the program I continually customize it to best suit the needs of the participants


  • Assessment – where are you now and where do you want to be – body, mindset and lifestyle
  • Set up your healthy-eating kitchen  
  • Evaluate your eating – what you eating now and what changes you can begin to make 
  • Personal intentions and mantras to set you up for success
  • Hormone basics – understand the changes that are going on in your body, how they affect your body, health, weight, energy and moods and what you can do


  • Discovering your “why” and your core values 
  • Releasing beliefs and habits that do not serve you anymore
  • Time – be guided through a process to begin finding more time for you
  • How to start your day the calm and centered way
  • Food prep and planning tips and techniques
  • Digestive problems – their cause and what you can do


  • Developing mind/body awareness
  • Discovering what foods work for you and what don’t
  • Self-sabotage and dealing with family, friends and co-workers
  • Stress – how stress affects energy, weight and health & how to decrease it
  • Eating at restaurants, dinner parties and on the road


  • Detoxing your body – detox foods and drinks
  • Detox your mind – feelings, thoughts words and how they affect your health, weight, energy & emotions
  • Ditching the junk in your cupboards, freezer, fridge and label awareness
  • Juicing – 1 full day of juices and smoothies
  • Intuitive meal planning – how this works
  • Emotional eating


  • Acid and Alkaline foods – how they either cause or prevent illness and disease
  • High alkaline all raw day – 1 day of eating all raw
  • Super foods and super powders – Super charge your energy and immune system
  • Celebrations – how far you have come
  • What challenges do you still have?
  • How to move forward while staying motivated and inspired after the program

Before the program:

“I was sluggish, down, sad and depressed I was just going through the motions. I ate a high carb diet including mac & cheese, rice and pasta. I felt weighed down, bloated and tired.

After program:

“I have greatly decreased the starchy carbs. Eating healthy food part of my life now. My energy has greatly increased, I have lost weight and I am so much happier.

During the program the weekly calls gave me motivation and inspiration. The resources provided made it easy to stay on track, to follow the plan and to achieve results. I not only learned about the right foods to eat, but about hormonal changes, how to handle stress, meditation exercises and resources to improve my mindset.

Diana is joyful, encouraging, supportive and uplifting. She is very knowledgeable and provides all the resources for anyone wishing to get results. She makes it doable and manageable. This is one of the best experiences I have had.”

Tamra Carroll

If you are ready to:

  • Have more energy
  • Stop the weight gain and begin to shrink the belly fat
  • Be guided, supported, motivated and inspired
  • Know what actions to take and the foods to eat
  • Go through a step-by-step plan for you so you get results
  • Enjoy the process of transformation that has started
  • Begin to create a life that that allows you to do more of what you love


Sign up now

Chose from two payment options: Pay $697 one time, or chose 3 payments of $250.

CLICK HERE to contact me if you would like to find out if this program is for you!

“Previously I came away with many healthy recipes and suggestions when I took one of your classes but I struggled with how to fit them in to my life. I really enjoyed the program! I liked that the focus was not to lose weight but to learn about what we were eating and how it can affect our bodies and digestive systems. Through your program, I discovered how easy it was to incorporate more raw foods into my daily meals. I began reading labels and really thinking about what I was putting into my body. My energy increased, my headaches decreased and it was all so easy! There was no pressure and only encouragement. The group was great and the exchange of experiences, suggestions, etc. was fun. I would definitely recommend your classes and/or the program. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us!!” 


“The Vibrant Health Jump Start Program that I completed with Diana this fall has changed my life. I have more energy. I am sleeping better and I am able to maintain a constant weight without fluctuating. I am having lots of fun experimenting with my new recipes, that are delicious and that are so easy to make. I learned how to eat in a way that feeds my soul.  Thank you Diana for teaching us how to eat well and to have fun in the process. Your patience and easy manner make this way of eating accessible to all!”  


“I wanted to first Thank You for all of your wisdom and support during our 8 week program. I do believe you changed my life. It is slow for sure but I really feel a large movement from me towards raw food. I am feeling great and I think raw food is going to be a big part of my healing process. Thank you for that, you’re a life changer. ”

Jenna Forster

It’s not important initially to know how you’re going to create a result. What’s important is to decide you will find a way, no matter what.  ~Anthony Robbins