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Mind Body Reset

30 Day Group Coaching Program

So….how do you feel right now? Yes you.

What is your energy like?

  • Are you feeling heavy, bloated and sluggish?

  • Have you gained weight – especially in the mid-section

  • Are you feeling tired, even exhausted most of the time?

  • Do you experience digestive problems and food sensitivities?

  • Having problems sleeping?

  • Are you craving food that you know makes you feel horrible?

  • Are you are puffy, bloated and tired

  • You cannot seem to stay motivated? You have started and stopped so many times.

  • Do you find yourself grabbing fast, easy foods to eat because you don’t have the time or energy to make the healthy food or maybe you are confused by all the conflicting information out there and really don’t know what you should be eating?

  • Are you doing what it takes each day just to get by?

How is all that affecting your life?


Have you tried various diets, had success and then went right back to old eating habits and behaviours?

Have you tried to motivate yourself but it doesn’t work?

Do you have the recipe books and the equipment for healthy eating but they sit there, unused

So what is it going to take? How long are you going to wait to finally feel better?



Your body is changing and shifting. What used to work, isn’t working any more. 

Your frustrated, your muffin top is growing and you don’t have any energy.

You want to feel alive again. But instead, you feel stressed out and burned out.

Let’s face it – it is NOT just about the weight loss.

It’s about how you feel and how you LIVE (yes LIVE) your life.

You are busy and haven’t taken the time to prepare healthier food like you said you were going to.

You have thought about giving up gluten and dairy knowing you would probably feel better,  but then you wonder – “what will I eat instead”?

You think that eating healthy means giving up a lot of the foods and drinks you love – no wonder you don’t start or stick with it. No wonder you continue with the same-old, same-old and don’t make the changes you know you should.

What if you could: 

  • Boost Your Energy

  • End the Bloating and the “Blahs”

  • Crush the cravings

  • Stop the Growing Muffin Top

  • Get Glowing & Youthful Skin

  • Decrease Stress & Increase Joy

  • Still enjoy dinners and nights out with friends

  • Enjoy delicious, nutritious foods that won’t leave you feeling deprived

  • Learn healthier options for some of your favourite foods and drinks

  • Know how to balance the “good” food with the “comfort & treat” food you love

  • Find the perfect foods for you that leave you feeling light, full of energy, feeling satisfied and not craving the “junk”

  • Eat foods that taste rich, delectable and amazing and are good for you

  • Crave foods that leave you feeling energized and not bloated, tired and sluggish

You want to be FREE! 

FREE to feel amazing and do all the things you want to do, that you have dreamed of doing, that you said you would do at this stage of your life.

What if I could show you this in 30 days?

It’s time to STOP saying no to yourself and what you want to do because you are tired, you don’t “feel” like doing it, you have no motivation or because you feel to fat,  bloated and can’t imagine wearing a bathing suit or shorts.




This is not a weight loss program!

I want to get that straight.

YES, you may lose weight and yes the weight gain will stop.

lentil burgerBut that is because you are eating RIGHT for you at this time in your life. You are feeding and fuelling your body with foods that “feed” it with the proper nutrients it requires to give you energy, boost your metabolism, balance your blood sugar, decrease inflammation, improve digestion and improve your moods.


Yes, food can do all of that. The RIGHT food. And boy does the right food every make a difference!

girl in sundress

It’s so much more than just the food.

This is your life. This is about how you want to FEEL and how you want to truly LIVE.

We explore this while you are eating foods that make you feel amazing without feeling deprived, without craving the “bad stuff” and will have you saying “this is so much easier than I thought!”

I want to let you know that part of my motivation for starting the program was because I was having a lot of joint pain – in my wrists, elbows, fingers, knees and ankles. I knew that cleaning up my diet would alleviate some of this, and I wanted to see how far I could get before going to the doctor for treatment. Well, now I have no joint pain.   Seriously. Clearly, my sugar/wheat/caffeine habits were causing all kinds of inflammation (as well as wreaking havoc on my gut). My head is clearer, my energy is better, and I just feel better about myself.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Linda Brandmeir

What to expect over the 30 days

The BEST thing about this program is that you WILL get personal coaching from me.

There will be a LIVE group all 1 x week in which I cover a specific topic as well as leaving lots of time to answer your questions.


Let’s get SERIOUS….without accountability – people tend to slack off and not do what it takes to get the results.

This is a TON of value and why I am doing this is that I care if you get results – I really do. So take advantage of this, as it will not be offered at this price again.

The Four Weeks

Week #1

The main culprits to fatigue, mood swings, overwhelm, bloating & digestive problems, weight gain and the inability to lose the weight.

Foods that make you sick & tired and foods that give you vibrant energy & health

Start eating foods that give you energy, balance blood sugar levels, decrease cravings, improve your digestion and health. Begin noticing the changes almost immediately.

Week #2

Self Sabotage and sabotage by others. What are the ways you sabotage yourself and let others sabotage you? What you can do to change that.

Explore and discover your why and what will keep you motivated and inspired.

Learn how stress greatly affects your weight, moods, health & energy. Start stress reduction activities that help you stay calm and centred.

Week #3

Bring in foods that decrease inflammation within the body (and inflammation causes illness & disease). Eat foods that fuel and nourish every cell in your body as well as assisting in detoxification.

Look at your patterns, beliefs and behaviours. Learn to truly integrate healthy food into your day in an easy way.

Learn ways to prep and plan so that you can eat healthy all week.

Week #4

Review your triggers for emotional eating. Mind/body awareness and knowing what foods work best for you. You will begin to feel more confident and in control of your eating and your life.

Develop YOUR plan to staying on track. YOUR plan for eating, moving your body and living with less stress and more joy.

I want you to LOVE your food and LOVE your life.

Bonuses Included With The Coaching

E-mail Access To Me

You will have e-mail access to me Monday through Friday for the 30 days.


Recipes & Meal Plans for 30 Days

Recipes and meal plans for the full 30 days! Once you taste the recipes you will LOVE the food and it will become easy to eat like this. You will NOT feel deprived and will be amazed at how delicious healthy food can be.

Your cravings will stop, moods will improve and your energy will increase. Aches and pains you once had will be gone and congestion and allergy symptoms will be greatly decreased. Puffiness will disappear and digestion will improve.


Downloadable Handouts & Charts to keep you on track

Tips, techniques and exercises (that I use myself) to alleviate stress as well as keep me motivated and inspired.


Guide to Setting Up Your Kitchen & Pantry

When you have all the supplies and ingredients you need, it really does make healthy eating simple!

I just wanted to send an email saying how much I have enjoyed this program. I am feeling amazing and have noticed today that my skin is really glowy. I have found the recipes easy and each one is more delicious than the last. I haven’t had any problems adjusting to the program and I am planning on continuing it after the 10 days and learning more about raw food. I have even got a few skeptics on board and interested in your program after seeing how easy it was and how good the food was, so I have passed on your info.
Terra Buston




So what if you are planning to go away one weekend during the program?

So what? That is life! You need to learn to handle this no matter what – right? Going away for the weekend will be a perfect time to practice what you are learning.

I do not expect you to stay at home and never go out – that will not help you when the program finishes. You will learn how to handle weekends away and nights out. 


You will ALWAYS have access to this information so you can do it over and over again. If you miss something you can go back to it.

Before program: I said to myself “I cannot do this anymore. My body is suffering and I need to make a change.” I ate mostly packaged foods. I didn’t know what I should be eating or even how to cook or prepare healthy food for myself.

 After program: I am so Grateful that eating and preparing whole, natural foods is easy for me now. I am nourishing my body with foods I love! I feel happier and the mindset work has allowed me to release fear and anxiety and I feel more at peace.

 The inflammation in my body has greatly decreased. I feel stronger and have more energy for my job and life. The congestion I had every morning is now gone. My asthma rarely bothers me now. Even though I have many food sensitivities it became easy to know what to eat that worked for me and I now love cooking and preparing healthy, whole foods. I even enjoy creating my own recipes!    

Corinne Devison

It is time for you to take action NOW!

I have priced this program so that everyone can do it and so there can be NO excuses!

My passion is reaching as many people as possible and helping women take back control of their health and their life.

Join NOW for ONLY $297.00

If you do not have a paypal account and wish to purchase using another option – please e-mail me at diana@dianamarchand.com.

It’s time to say YES!