The 3 Things That Hurt Your Energy, Weight & Happiness – And what you can do to feel amazing now!

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  • Being too busy leaves you exhausted, stressed, unhappy & unable to lose weight

    – Learn how to free up time for you in a way that does not disrupt your whole life. 

    – How to start your day in the calm and centred way and be motivated to make choices for your health & happiness

  • The #1 thing that can prevent you from losing weight and leave you exhausted.

    – Learn the things you can start now to stop this from getting worse

  • How certain food affects your energy, weight and happiness.

    – Learn what foods increase energy, decrease cravings, rev up your metabolism and affect  (improve) your moods

If you are a woman 45 or over, your body is changing, what used to work, isn’t working anymore. It’s time to find out what will.

Sign up for this training and find out how you can begin to feel amazing now!

Meet Diana:


I am a transformational healthy eating and living coach for women. I help women create healthy, happy passion-filled lives. A life that fits who they are now and who they are becoming (not who they used to be). My passion for health and wellness spans over 20 years. In my work as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, raw food chef and teacher I have helped hundreds of women transform their eating, lifestyle and bodies. My focus is not all raw, but on helping each woman find her perfect eating plan. I focus on health for the mind, body and spirit.